Issue 1, 2012

Featuring articles examining Human rights and human development; Due diligence and harmful traditional practices; and the psycho-social correlates of the support of torture 

Editorial Note

Jo Stigen and Bård Anders Andreassen


Dan Banik, 'Human Rights and Human Development: The Rhetoric and the Reality', pp. 4-35.

Cecilia M Baillet, Persecution in the Home: Applying the Due Diligence Standard to Harmful Traditional Practices within Human Rights and Refugee Law', pp. 36-62.

David L Richards, Mandy M Morrill and Mary R Anderson, 'Some Psycho-Social Correlates of US Citizen Support for Torture', pp. 63-95.

Book Reviews

'Linda Hajjar Leib (2011): Human Rights and the Environment: Philosophical, Theoretical and Legal Perspectives', Reviewd by Andre Møkkelgjerd.

'Marcia H Rioux, Lee Ann Basser and Melinda Jones (eds) (2011): Critical Perspectives on Human Rights and Disability Law', Reviewed by Kjersti Skarstad.

'Jonas Christoffersen and Mikael Rask Madsen (2011): The European Court of Human Rights between Law and Politics', Reviewed by Birgit Peters.


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