Issue 4, 2012

This Issue of the Nordic Journal features articles on interim measures and the European Court of Human Rights; the Russian Orthodox Church; Imprisonment and Internet Access and finally, Rascist and Discriminatory Speech in Norway. This Issue is available directly from

Editorial Note

Jo Stigen and Bård Anders Andreassen


Henrik Jorem, 'Protecting Human Rights in Cases of Urgency: Interim Measures and the Right to Individual Application under Article 34 ECHR', pp. 404-428.

Vebjørn L Horsfjord, 'The Russian Orthodox Church: Two Discourses on Human Rights', pp. 429-453.

Peter Scharff Smith, 'Imprisonment and Internet-Access. Human Rights, the Principle of Normalization and the Question of Prisoners Access to Digital Communications Technology', pp. 454-482.

Sindre Bangstad, 'Failing to Protect Minorities Against Rascist and/or Discriminatory Speech? The Case of Norway and § 135(a) of The Norwegian General Penal Code', pp. 483-403.

Book Review

'Samuel Moyn (2010): The Last Utopia: Human Rights in History'. Reviewed by Chief Justice Willy Mutunga.

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