Issue 1, 2013

Issue 1 of the NJHR explores topics on genetically modified foods and the right to food, the European Court of Human Rights and the Interlaken, Izmir and Brighton Declarations, National Human Rights Institutions and their role in monitoring human rights and participation in health reform in Colombia. Articles are availble at for download.

Nordic Journal of Human Rights

(2013) Vol. 31, Issue 1, pp. 1-116.



Monika A Szkariat, ‘The Contribution of Genetically Modified Food to the Realisation of the Right to Adequate Food’, pp. 4-27.

Jon Petter Rui, ‘The Interlaken, Izmir and Brighton Declarations: Towards a Paradigm Shift in the Strasbourg Court’s Interpretation of the European Convention of Human Rights?’, pp. 28-54.

Mutaz M Qafisheh, ‘The International Status of National Human Rights Institutions: A Comparison with NGOs’, pp. 55-83.

Camila Gianella-Malca, ‘A Human Rights Based Approach to Participation in Health Reform: Experiences from the Implementation of Constitutional Court Orders in Colombia’, pp. 84-107.

Book Reviews

‘Morten Bergsmo, Alf Butenschon Skre and Elisabeth J Wood (eds), Understanding and Proving International Sex Crimes’ (Torkel Opsahl Academic EPublisher, 2012 ); and

‘Morten Bergsmo (ed), Thematic Prosecution of International Sex Crimes’ (Torkel Opsahl Academic EPublisher, 2012)

Reviewed by Christian Ranheim

‘Terje Einarsen, The Concept of Universal Crimes in International Law’ (Torkel Opsahl Academic EPublisher, 2012) Reviewed by Kanya Satwika

‘Francesco Francioni and Natalino Ronzitti (eds), War by Contract: Human Rights, Humanitarian Law and Private Contractors’ (Cambridge University Press, 2011) Reviewed by Maria D. Sommardahl


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