Issue 3, 2013

Guest edited by Michael Ashley Stein, the Special Section on Disability and Development offers insightful and practical guidance to disability inclusive programming in development aid and humanitarian relief. Additional articles discuss human rights principles and indicators; fulfilling nursing home residents’ right to food; and open access and the right to benefit from scientific progress. Articles are available from for download.

Nordic Journal of Human Rights

(2013) Vol. 31, Issue 3, pp. 289-468.

Guest Editor: Michael Ashley Stein


Special Section: Disability and Development

Michael Ashley Stein, Mainstreaming and Accountability, '(Really) Including Persons with Disabilities in Development Aid and Humanitarian Relief Programming', pp. 292-305.

Mitchell Loeb, Disability Statistics, 'An Integral but Missing (and Misunderstood) Component of Development Work', pp. 306-342.

Francisco J Bariffi and Mathew S Smith, 'Same Old Game but with Some New Players. Assessing Argentina’s National Mental Health Law in Light of the Eights to Liberty and Legal Capacity under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Persons with Disabilities', pp. 325-342.

Patrick Ojok, Beyond Legislation, 'Implementing the Employment Provisions of the Persons with Disabilities Act of Uganda 2006', pp. 343-358.

Saskia C van Veen, Barbara J Regeer, Joske G F Bunders, 'Meeting the Challenge of the Rights-based Approach to Disability: The Changing Role of the Disability-Specific NGO and DPOs', pp. 359-380.

Additional Articles

Hans-Otto Sano, Human Rights and Development: Human Rights Principles and Their Indicators, pp. 381-400.

Elisabeth I Karlsen, Kristine Stray Aurdal, Laura Terragni, Wenche Barth Eide, Per O Iversen, 'A Human Rights-Based Approach to Challenges and Opportunities in the Process of Fulfilling Nursing Home Residents’ Right to Adequate Food', pp. 401-426.

Alf Butenschøn Skre and Asbjørn Eide, 'The Human Right to Benefit from Advances in Science and Promotion of Openly Accessible Publications', pp. 426-453.

Book Reviews

'Wesley Cragg (ed) (Edward Elgar 2012): Business and Human Rights'  reviewed by Kjersti Skarstad.


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