Special Issue 2, 2013 - Drivers of Justice

With Guest Editors Elin Skaar and Astri Suhrke, this Special Issue examines the social, political and judicial forces behind the creation and operation of transitional justice mechanisms after violent conflict. Articles are available from Idunn.no for download.

Nordic Journal of Human Rights

(2013) Vol. 31, Issue 2, pp. 117-288.

Guest Editors: Elin Skaar and Astri Suhrke



Elin Skaar and Eric Wiebelhaus-Brahm, 'Drivers of Justice after Violent Conflict: An Introduction', pp. 119-126.

Elin Skaar and Eric Wiebelhaus-Brahm, 'The Drivers of Transitional Justice: An Analytical Framework for Assessing the Role of Actors', pp. 127-148.
Victor Igreja and Elin Skaar, '"A Conflict Does Not Rot": State and Civil Society Responses to Civil War Offences in Mozambique', pp. 149-175.

Are Knudsen and Sari Hanafi, 'Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL): Impartial or Imposed International Justice?', pp. 176-200.

Aziz Hakimi and Astri Suhrke, 'A Poisonous Chalice: The Struggle for Human Rights and Accountability in Afghanistan', pp. 201-223.

Gunnar M Sørbø and Abdel Ghaffar M Ahmed, 'Justice by Default? Dealing with Accountability Issues in Sudan', pp. 224-247.

Chandra Lekha Sriram, 'Spoilers of Justice', pp. 248-261.

Legal Developments

Cecilia M Bailliet and Kjetil Mujezinović Larsen, 'Nordic Expert Consultation on the Right to Peace: Summary and Recommendations', pp. 262-278.

Book Reviews

'Xuezhi Guo (Cambridge University Press 2012): China’s Security State: Philosophy, Evolution, and Politics' Reviewed by Carlyle A Thayer.

'Heather Harrison Dinniss (Cambridge University Press 2012): Cyber Warfare and the Laws of War' Reviewed by Darren Christopher Read.

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