Issue 3, 2014

Issue 3 explores the use of internally displaced persons; the protection of ownership rights in Norwegian building and planning laws; framing actors in human rights debates; and human rights-based approaches to climate change. Articles are available from Taylor & Francis for download.

Nordic Journal of Human Rights

(2014) Volume 32, Issue 3, pp. 197-286.



Maja Janmyr, 'Recruiting Internally Displaced Persons in Civil Militias: The Case of Northern Uganda', pp. 199-219.

Ingunn Elise Myklbust, 'The Protection of Private Ownership Rights in the ECHR and Norwegian Planning and Building Law', pp. 220-237.

Aled Dilwyn Fisher, 'Human Rights in the Transition to a "Green Economy" - Critical Human Rights-Based Approaches to Climate Change in Norway', pp. 238-257.

Book Reviews

'Dinah Shelton, (Oxford University Press, 2013): The Oxford Handbook of International Human Rights Law'. Reviewed by Kjetil Mujezinović Larsen, pp. 280-282.

'Nigel Banks and Timo Koivurov (eds.), (Hart Publishing, 2013): The Proposed Nordic Saami Convention: National and International Dimensions of Indigenous Property Rights'. Reviewed by Mattias Åhrén, pp. 283-286.


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