Partner institutions

University of Prishtina (UP)

The University of Prishtina is the largest in Kosovo. It trains the majority of lawyers working for the local and central government, as well as lawyers working for the private sector and civil society. UP works to increase the internationalization of its law program, and cooperates closely with high-ranking universities in Europe and beyond. 

UP has long experience with exchange of students and academic staff: It has worked with Tempus for almost 20 years, and has experience with the Erasmus+ program since 2015. UP has collaborated with universities like the University of Graz (Austria), the James Madison University (USA), the St Jones University (USA), the University of Paris Nanterre (France), the University of Ulster (Ireland), and the University of Cambridge (England). 

The NCHR will collaborate closely with the Resource Centre on Transitional Justice (RCTJ), placed in the Faculty of Law at UP. 

For more information about the university, see the University of Prishtina's website.

Published Aug. 2, 2021 12:44 PM - Last modified Sep. 27, 2021 10:20 AM