Moving to a new building

From January 2020 our students will have access to our brand new faculty building - the Domus Juridica. Before we can move into the new building, some preparatory activity will take place during the fall semester 2019. Those activities may have impact on your study resources, so read on.

Updated 9 September 2019

This is how the entrance area of our new building might look like (illustration by MAD arkitekter)

The new building, located at Tullinløkka close to Domus Nova, will be fully operational from the beginning of the spring semester 2020. Domus Juridica will be a new center for teaching and learning: Here, all services directed at students will be gathered under one roof. We will have new and modern teaching rooms, reading rooms and mingle areas. The building will also house the library and a canteen.

The autumn of 2019

Before we move, we will need to pack and prepare for relocation and clean up after ourselves. This might be noticeable for our students, but we have done our best to keep such activities from having too much impact on your learning situation. This is what will happen:

Last time with exam-closed reading rooms: In previous semesters we close the reading rooms towards the end of the semester due to exams. Reading rooms will also close (for the last time) at the end of autumn 2019, but this time because of moving activities. Reading rooms in Domus Nova, St. Olavs gate and Læringssenteret will close on November 15th. See information below regarding Domus Media (Midtbygningen).

Remodeling reading rooms in Domus Media: The reading rooms in Domus Media will be closed down, this due to the move to Domus Juridica. In the east wing, two of the reading rooms are already closed, while reading rooms on the 1st floor will close on November 15th. The reading rooms on the 3rd floor and the Lucy Smith's hall are open throughout the fall of 2019.

The libraries at Domus Nova, SERI and IKRS: These are closed, and the collections will be moved to the Law Library in Domus Bibliotheca.

The library at Department of Public and International Law: The library will close in September, the Collections wil be moved to the Law Library in Domus Bibliotheca.

Otherwise, as before - almost

The Information center will be located in Domus Academica throughout the year. In October or November, Juriteket (Student IT) will relocate from Domus Nova to Domus Academica, Next to the Information Center for the remaining months of 2019.

The law library in the Library building will stay open until 5 December 2019.

Due to moving activities, be aware that there may be some clutter, dust and noise during periods. Moving usually comes with some hassle and annoyances, but fortunately, it does not happen very often.

The new Student Building

Domus Juridica (DJ) is being built to fulfil the wish to gather students, services for the students and teaching facilities in one building. As stated in a consultation document regarding Domus Juridica:

"The faculty's vision has the student at center"

The building is designed to be flexible with regard to different types of teaching. Throughout the year we will tell you more about what you have in store. We know you have a lot to look forward to.

Any questions? Contact the Information Center

Published May 7, 2019 10:34 AM - Last modified Sep. 9, 2019 10:49 AM