Domus Juridica to reopen on 3 August

Domus Juridica and the other faculty buildings will reopen to students on 3 August. Everyone needs to comply with regulations on infection control, and measures will be in place in order to prevent spreading of disease.

The authorities has decided that universities may reopen, as long as general regulations on infection control are complied with. An assessment of risks has been conducted by the University of Oslo, and measures in place in our buildings are in accordance with the assessment.

Subject to change: The corona situation may change, and measures may change accordingly. Please pay attention to email, web sites and My studies.

Opening 3 August

Domus Juridica, Domus Media and Domus Academica will reopen for students on 3 August 2020. You do not need to use student card and code.

Opening hours: Starting 3 August, we will return to normal opening hours.

E-learning course in infection prevention

Before you can return to the faculty buildings, you must take an e-learning course in infection prevention. It will take you approx. 15 minutes to complete the course. Register through the online form in order to receive a link to the course:

Register for e-Learning course in infection prevention

Limited capacity - reserve reading hall seat

In order to comply with regulations, capacity in reading halls and other areas where people gather, will be reduced. 

If you wish to study in a reading hall in our buildings, you must reserve a seat before you enter the building.

Link to seat reservations in reading halls will be published before 3 August.

Reading hall capacity is estimated to be approximately 500 seats, according to current infection control regulations, including seats in Domus Juridica and the Lucy Smith hall in Domus Media.

How to behave

The e-learning course provides information on how to behave in order to prevent spreading infection. The most important actions are:

  • Keep at least one metre distance between you and other people
  • Wash your hands often
  • Stay at home if you are sick

Also see the UiO web pages on corona

Stairs and elevators: We encourage you to use stairs instead of elevators, as it will help prevent spreading infection (it is also beneficial for your health).

Student discussion rooms: Maximum capacity in discussion rooms is halved (a sign will specify for each room). It is also possible to use regular teaching rooms, when they are not in use by classes. Remember to maintain a distance of at least one metre to one another. There may only be one discussion group in a teaching room at a time.

Discussion Group sofas and other open areas: Maintain a distance of at least one metre to one another.

Canteen, Library and Information Centre


SiO will provide more information on opening and use when this has been decided.

The Library in Domus Juridica:

The Library will open 3. august, opening hours 8 AM to 4 PM.

Opening hours will be as normal starting 10 August.

The Information Centre:

The Information Centre will be open in Domus Juridica and also available through phone from 3. august. Until then you may reach them through email,

Information Centre web site

Teaching and exams autumn semester 2020

Teaching and exams will be affected by the coronavirus situation also in the autumn semester 2020. As of today, it is planned that all lectures will be carried out digitally for the autumn semester 2020. On some courses, it is planned that seminars can be carried out with physical attendance.

Read more on teaching and exams autumn 2020

Published June 22, 2020 1:07 PM - Last modified June 22, 2020 1:09 PM