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Covid-19: Teaching and exams autumn semester 2021

The university web pages: Information about the Covid-19 situation at UiO are updates when changes occur. Keep yourself updates through this pages in addition to information about your study program and -subjects.

Hybrid teaching for courses offered in English


We plan for a hybrid teaching semester for courses offered in English. This means that we will deliver our lectures both physically and digitally.

You must be prepared for partly physical and partly digital participation in the classroom if our premises should not allow full capacity, according to the latest Norwegian Government advice of distance restrictions.  The Faculty guarantees that digital alternatives will be sustained throughout the whole semester. Further information about this will be announced on the course websites in the beginning of August.

Exam at home

All exams this semester will be carried out as home exams.


All Norwegian and English exams that begins with course code JUS/JUR, shall use the scale A-F.

(One exception is JUS1111, were a pass/no-pass grade was introduced spring 2020).

For all other courses, with course codes that begins with HUMR, MARL, KRIM, RSOS, FINF and RINF, maintain the grading scale used previous to the corona situation.

Published Nov. 24, 2020 11:04 AM - Last modified June 23, 2021 3:41 PM