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International Financial Market Regulation, Institutions and Efficiency (completed)

About the project

The financial crisis requires a reworking of the basic concepts underlying the regulation of financial markets at the national and international level. New institutional solutions have been found in the window for political action created by the crisis. These solutions and the interaction with the basic concepts as mentioned now require analysis.

The project is a part of the research group Companies, Markets, Society and the Environment.


The project will contribute to knowledge about the functioning of financial markets and the aims and effects of regulation. Focus will be on regulatory and legal concepts and institutions.


To contribute to academic scholarship and policy making through publications in international journals and further dissemination of outcomes of the research project at international conferences.


The project has high social impact, and may contribute to the evaluation of policies and contribute to their formulation.


The project is funded by the Finance Market Fund (managed by the Norwegian Research Council). The Fund is intended to contribute to increasing public understanding concerning financial markets, with particular emphasis on the functioning of financial markets, and also ethical issues.


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