Towards a New Legal Framework for AI in Europe: Assessing the European Commission’s proposed AI Regulation

Jon Bing Memorial Seminar 2021


Bildet kan inneholde: hylle, bokhylle, skulptur, statue, arkitektur.

Bysten av Jon Bing (1944 - 2014) ble laget av billedkunstneren Marit Wicklund. Foto: UiO/Eva Dobos 

The Jon Bing Memorial Seminar is an annual event arranged close to the time of Jon’s birthday, dedicated to honouring one of the leading pioneers in research on law and computer technology.

Recording of the seminar:

For this year’s seminar we have chosen to focus on the European Union’s developing regulatory framework for Artificial Intelligence (AI). On 21 April this year the European Commission unveiled its long-awaited proposal for a Regulation laying down harmonised rules on AI—the first comprehensive draft legislative package dealing specifically with AI systems across multiple sectors. Ambitious and complex, this is an extremely important proposal to analyse, understand and critique.

The Memorial Seminar will be the first of several seminars organised by the NRCCL/SERI in which we subject the Commission’s proposal—and policy discourse around it—to closer scrutiny. These seminars take place under the aegis of the ongoing VIROS project (‘Vulnerability in the Robot Society’) funded by the Research Council of Norway and run by the NRCCL/SERI in cooperation with a network of other institutions and researchers.

In this first seminar we aim to unpack the origins, rationale and basic mechanics of the Commission’s proposal; later seminars will focus on the proposal in a global context and parse specific strands of its compass, such as its possible impact on the design and deployment of robotics and other cyberphysical systems.

The seminars are free and will be conducted on zoom.

Prior registration is required at

Registration deadline: 20 May 2021.

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