TKS: Mental health robotics and regulation

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Technology for mental health care has been developing at an accelerated speed over the last few years. The implementation of artificial intelligence and robotics in this medical field is projected to be the solution to the several issues currently faced by this area, such as the reduced access to mental health therapy in rural or isolated areas, the high cost associated with treatment, the lack of mental health staff worldwide, and the social stigma entailed in mental health therapy.

However, with the inclusion of technology in mental health arises different challenges and risks for users and patients. Privacy, safety, ethical risks are some of several aspects to consider by introducing technology in mental health treatment. This leads to the question of how current framework covers the risks of technology for mental health. This seminar strives to unravel how the EU product safety framework, standards, and expected regulation address the risks emanating from the implementation of AI and robotics in mental health care.

Gino D´Paola is a former research assistant the Norwegian Research Center for Computers and Law (NRCCL/SERI) in the VIROS project. He is a licensed attorney with five years of practical experience, specialized in tax law, holding a master´s in applied economics and is currently a student of the LLM program in Information Communication and Technology Law at UiO.

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Contact person: Øystein Flø Baste


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