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Corona and the Rule of Law

The Pandemic and the Rule of Law: Critical Approaches, Knowledge Production and Ethics

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Foto: © Helge Mikalsen / VG / NTB

Photo: © Helge Mikalsen / VG / NTB

About the initiative

COVID-19 has engendered new practices and understandings with respect to the use of law and policy interventions for pandemic governance. 

  • What is the role of ethics and the production of scientific knowledge in times of crisis?
  • How is legal and medical knowledge integrated in the pandemic response?
  • What is the proper role of emergency rationales in law and medicine?
  • How can perspectives from social sciences and humanities help us identify and unpack issues and help broaden the debate?

The initiative is contributing to public debate by providing interdisciplinary critical perspectives.


The initiative has contributed to important conversations in Norway and internationally in the following thematic areas:

  • Children's rights
  • Digital vaccine passports/COVID-19 certificates and COVID-19 tracking apps (Smittestopp)
  • Border management (Sweden)
  • The domestic practice on quarantine hotels
  • The Emergency Powers Bill, politics and the rule of law
  • Epidemiological knowledge and preventative measures
  • Curfew legislation
  • Migration, health and human rights

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Corona and the Rule of Law is a collaboration between researchers from the University of Oslo, UiT The Arctic University of Norway and Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences.

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