Maïmouna Lise Pouye Rabatel-Fernel

Doctoral Research Fellow - Department of Public and International Law


Maïmouna-Lise was born in France and trained as a lawyer in the UK. She joined the Department of Public and International Law at the Faculty of Law in January 2016.

Maïmouna-Lise holds a Master of Law in Public International Law and Human Rights from Birkbeck College, University of London (UK), and an LL.M. in International Security and Defense Law from Université Pierre Mendès-France, University of Grenoble (France)


Research and Academic interests

Maïmouna-Lise is a PhD. candidate in Law and Development at the Department of Public and International Law. Her PhD. fellowship is part of the European Joint Doctorate in Law and Development (EDOLAD). EDOLAD is an innovative doctoral programme aiming to make a significant contribution to the need for knowledge-driven development policy-making in the field of Law and Development.

Maïmouna-Lise’s research addresses key themes in current international debates on law and development. The relationships between human rights, large scale agricultural land investments, food security and conflict. She is particularly interested in bridging existing divides between different legal fields.

Maïmouna-Lise’s doctoral research focuses on exploring the role of laws in the context of agricultural land investments and its impact on food security and rights claiming in the United Republic of Tanzania.



JUR1910 - Women's Law and Human Rights (BA).

JUS5910 - Women's Law and Human Rights (MA).

HUMR5702 - Human Rights and Sustainable Development: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Theory and Practices.



Tags: Business and Human Rights, Natural Resource Management, Development, ICL, International Security, IHL, LOAC


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