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Picture of Helga Aune Aune, Helga Associate Professor II
Picture of Inge Lorange Backer Backer, Inge Lorange Professor emeritus +4722859646
Picture of Freya Baetens Baetens, Freya Professor +47 22859412
Picture of Cecilia Marcela Bailliet Bailliet, Cecilia Marcela Professor Public International Law, Law of Peace, Refugee Law, Counter-terrorism, Human Rights Law, Women's Law/Gender
Picture of Anne Kjersti Befring Befring, Anne Kjersti Associate professor +47 95827358
Picture of Daniel Behn Behn, Daniel Associate Professor II +47 9364 8067 Public International Law, International Arbitration, International Dispute Settlement, International Economic Law, International Courts and Tribunals
Picture of Tarald Gulseth Berge Berge, Tarald Gulseth Associate Professor
Picture of Sverre Blandhol Blandhol, Sverre Professor +47 22850215 +47 900 37 326 Negotiation, Dispute Resolution, Environmental Law, Administrative Law, Contract Law, ethics
Picture of Johan Boucht Boucht, Johan Professor dr.iur. +47-2285 9499 Criminal law, Contracts and agreements
Boye, Ole Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Heather Broomfield Broomfield, Heather External PhD Research Fellow
Picture of Ingvild Bruce Bruce, Ingvild Associate Professor +47 22845873
Picture of Hans Christian Bugge Bugge, Hans Christian Professor emeritus +47 22850227
Bøylestad, Lillian Guest researcher
Picture of Amanda Cellini Cellini, Amanda Phd Research Fellow On leave
Picture of Yuliya Chernykh Chernykh, Yuliya Associate Professor
Picture of Pernille Sandberg  Drtina Drtina, Pernille Sandberg PhD Candidate +47 22859019
Picture of Svein Eng Eng, Svein Professor +47 22859447
Picture of Boe Erik Erik, Boe Professor emeritus +47 22859442
Picture of Christoffer Conrad Eriksen Eriksen, Christoffer Conrad Professor +47 22850258 Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, International Law
Picture of Guri Kristin Hjallen Eriksen Eriksen, Guri Kristin Hjallen PhD Candidate
Esmark, Magnus Guest researcher
Picture of Ole Kristian Fauchald Fauchald, Ole Kristian Professor +47 22850242
Fikfak, Veronika Associate Professor
Picture of Lucy Isabelle Klæboe Furuholmen Furuholmen, Lucy Isabelle Klæboe Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22859470
Picture of Andreas Føllesdal Føllesdal, Andreas Professor
Picture of Hanna Buer Haddeland Haddeland, Hanna Buer Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Marit Halvorsen Halvorsen, Marit Professor +47 22859785
Picture of Birgit Hellesnes Hellesnes, Birgit PhD Candidate +47 22850239
Picture of Anne Hellum Hellum, Anne Professor +47 22850042 Law and development
Picture of Ragnhild Helene Hennum Hennum, Ragnhild Helene Dean +47 97022147 +47 97022147
Picture of Christophe Hillion Hillion, Christophe Professor +47 22850212
Picture of Maria Astrup Hjort Hjort, Maria Astrup Professor +47 22859472
Picture of Alf Petter Høgberg Høgberg, Alf Petter Professor +47 22859487 +47 48102799
Picture of Benedikte Moltumyr Høgberg Høgberg, Benedikte Moltumyr Professor +47 22859450 +47 91548792
Picture of Ingunn Ikdahl Ikdahl, Ingunn Professor +47 228 50046 Non-discrimination, Equality, Women’s rights, Human rights, Human rights and development, Socio-economic rights, Law and development, International law, Welfare law, Social security
Picture of Henning Jakhelln Jakhelln, Henning Professor emeritus
Picture of Jon Thorvald Johnsen Johnsen, Jon Thorvald Professor emeritus +47 22859424 +47 41471847 Legal Aid, Criminal Justice, Sociology of Law
Picture of Kirsten Ketscher Ketscher, Kirsten Professor emerita +47-22850066
Picture of Anine Kierulf Kierulf, Anine Associate Professor +47 22859620
Picture of Morten Kjelland Kjelland, Morten Professor +47 22845902 +47 91682025
Picture of Nertila Kuraj Kuraj, Nertila Postdoctoral Research Fellow +47 - 22850240 Synthetic biology, nanotechnology, chemicals regulation, REACH, Environmental Law, Food Law, risk, Crispr, microplastic, nanoplastic, marine plastic pollution, circular economy.
Kvalø, Kirsten Kolstad External Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Malcolm Langford Langford, Malcolm Professor +61 422 566 520 Human Rights, Constitutional Law, Socio-Legal Studies, International Economic Law, International Development, Methodology
Picture of Kjetil Mujezinović Larsen Larsen, Kjetil Mujezinović Professor of law +47 22 84 20 83 Human rights, International Humanitarian Law, Conflict, Public International Law
Picture of Nora Naguib Leerberg Leerberg, Nora Naguib Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22845901
Picture of Laura  Létourneau-Tremblay Létourneau-Tremblay, Laura Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22850403 International Investment Law, International Dispute Settlement, Public International Law; Environment
Picture of Runar Hilleren Lie Lie, Runar Hilleren Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22859431 International Investment Law, Energy law, Socio-Legal Studies, International Economic Law, International Development, Methodology, Computational legal studies
Lillemork, Hanne PhD Candidate
Picture of Ingrid Birgitte Lund Lund, Ingrid Birgitte +47 22845910 +47 48004459
Picture of Anders Løvlie Løvlie, Anders Professor +47 22859410
Picture of Dag Michalsen Michalsen, Dag Professor +47 22859434 +47 97043532 Nordic
Nadim, Morten Researcher
Nanarova, Olga Guest researcher
Picture of Daniel Naurin Naurin, Daniel Head of Department +47 22859480
Nerbø, Karen Tora Hjelmervik Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Jon Christian F. Nordrum Nordrum, Jon Christian F. Associate Professor +47 22859419 +47 97089580
Picture of Tommaso Pavone Pavone, Tommaso Researcher comparative politics, CJEU, performance, legitimacy, litigation, comparative law
Picture of Maïmouna Lise  Pouye Rabatel-Fernel Pouye Rabatel-Fernel, Maïmouna Lise Doctoral Research Fellow On leave Business and Human Rights, Natural Resource Management, Development, ICL, International Security, IHL, LOAC
Rognlien, Ida Gundersby Postdoctoral Fellow
Ruud, Morten Guest researcher
Picture of Inger Johanne Sand Sand, Inger Johanne Professor +47 22850213
Picture of Kirsten Sandberg Sandberg, Kirsten Head of Department +47 22850043
Sattorova, Mavluda Associate Professor
Picture of Antoinette Scherz Scherz, Antoinette Researcher +47 22850114
Picture of Jørgen S. Skjold Skjold, Jørgen S. Associate Professor 2
Picture of Kristin Skjørten Skjørten, Kristin Professor +47 22850231 +47 90412960
Picture of Nils Gunnar Skretting Skretting, Nils Gunnar Lecturer +47 22859660 +47-99568978
Picture of Arvid Aage Skaar Skaar, Arvid Aage
Picture of Eivind Smith Smith, Eivind Professor 0047-22859418 0047-41305647
Picture of Taylor St John St John, Taylor Researcher
Picture of Øyvind Stiansen Stiansen, Øyvind Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Jo Martin Stigen Stigen, Jo Martin Professor +47 22850244
Picture of Sigrid Stokstad Stokstad, Sigrid Associate Professor
Picture of Nicola Claire Strain Strain, Nicola Claire Researcher +47 22845678 Trade, Investment, International Dispute Settlement, International Law
Picture of Vibeke Blaker Strand Strand, Vibeke Blaker Vice-Dean for Research +47 22842092 +47 90204160
Picture of Ulf Stridbeck Stridbeck, Ulf Professor emeritus +47 22859405
Picture of Jørn Øyrehagen Sunde Sunde, Jørn Øyrehagen Professor +47 22859463 Legal History, Rule of Law, Law and Religion, Legal Method, Legislation
Picture of Aslak Syse Syse, Aslak Professor emeritus +47-22859484
Picture of Torkell Sætervadet Sætervadet, Torkell Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Anniken Sørlie Sørlie, Anniken Postdoc
Picture of Tomas Midttun Tobiassen Tobiassen, Tomas Midttun Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22850245 +4790585476
True-Frost, Cora Guest researcher- Fulbright
Picture of Synnøve Ugelvik Ugelvik, Synnøve Associate Professor 228529423 Criminal Law, Criminal Procedural Law, Sociology of Law, European Law, Constitutional Law, Legal theory
Picture of Geir Ulfstein Ulfstein, Geir Professor +47 22859446
Usynin, Maksim Researcher
Picture of Christina Voigt Voigt, Christina Professor +47 228 50246 +47 46808546 Environmental law, Climate law, Sustainable development, Energy, Energy Law
Picture of Johan Vorland Wibye Wibye, Johan Vorland Lecturer +47 22859464
Picture of Frederik Zimmer Zimmer, Frederik Professor emeritus +47 22859433 Brazil, South Africa, Global South
Picture of Alain Zysset Zysset, Alain Senior Research Fellow in Legal Theory