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The case for Regulation of Synthetic Biology and the Need for a New Category of Risk. An Interdisciplinary analysis between the EU and the US

PhD Nertila Kuraj has received three years of funding from the Research Council of Norway for her New project on regulation of synthetic biology (SynBio).

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About the project

This interdisciplinary project deals with the environmental regulation of the unprecedented risks of synthetic biology (synbio), which aims to engineer new biological systems that do not exist in nature or to redesign existing systems from scratch. Synbio is a rapidly emerging field that lies at the intersection of engineering, biological sciences and computational modelling.


Funded under the FRIPRO Mobility grant scheme, this is the first project of its kind to be awarded in the law field. The FRIPRO is a highly competitive grant and this year only four projects among all the humanistic and social science disciplines were funded on a national Level. Kuraj's project received an overall mark of 7,  i.e. Exceptional.


As part of the project, Kuraj will spend the first two years in the US, at UC Berkeley, with Professor Daniel Farber as her academic host, and the third year as a postdoctoral fellow at IOR, with Professor Hans Christian Bugge as collaborator.


Poster presentation of the project for the 2018 IUCN AEL Colloquium.



The project will commence in November 2018. It has a time frame of three years.

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