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Energy Law

The focus of this research group is to look at all forms of energy besides petroleum, in particular The research area focuses on all forms of energy out of petroleum, especially hydropower. The legislation within this sector has become increasingly more international.

Water power is an important research area within energy law. Foto: Dreamstime.

About the project

The researchers aim to examine the legislation both nationally and internationally. EU   has issued an increasing number of  new directives and  regulations which affect Norwegian legislationof  the energy field through the EEA. One example is the EU’s electricity directive which gives a joint set of rules for the electricity market of the EU and EEA and the countries of  Iceand and Lichtenstein. At the moment,  ongoing research on the market for green certificates is taking place with funds from the faculty’s research group in natural resources law. For more information, see for instance the European Commission’s page on energy.


  • Re-organization of the power market

  • Research fellow Erlend Leonhardsen is working with a thesis about the EU-legal requirements in respect of regulation of the power market with the provisional title Liberalizing the Structures of Regulatory Authority: Multi-level Governance in the Energy Sector.

  • Research assistant  Marie Louise Juell has finished a masters project entitled Turbine contracts in wind power projects.

  • Research assistant Sindre Slettevold has finished a masters project with the provisional title Power connections abroad - a contract law perspective.

Study programmes

The North Sea Energy Law Programme (NSELP) in cooperation with the universities of Groningen, Aberdeen and Copenhagen, is approved as further education for lawyers.


We receive support from the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy through the Research Council of Norway.


The researchers in energy law cooperate with the University of Groningen and The Dutch Energy Law Association (NeVER), facilitating the annual European Energy Law seminar i Noordwijk, Netherlands. The contents of the seminar are published every year in The European Energy Law Report.

We also cooperate with researchers all over the world through Academic Advisory Group (AAG). Every second year this group contributes to an international seminar, resulting in a book. Researchers in energy law also organize lectures in the Petroleum and energy law club and the Norwegian waterways and energy law forum.



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Associate professor Henrik Bjørnebye