The Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law Yearbook 2015

Overview of content

Liens and mortgages on the ship – their relation to the charterer’s equipment on Board

professor Erik Røsæg

Danish rules on securities and other protective rights in the charterparty trade – an appraisal

associate professor Kristina Siig

Meeting points between recourse (indemnity) rights in contract and tort – illustrated by knock-for-knock and ship collision both-to-blame clauses

professor Trond Solvang

Historic shipwrecks – contemporary challenges: Protection of the underwater cultural heritage

professor Alla Pozdnakova

Marine insurance warranties

Daria Romanova

By Røsæg, Erik; Podznakova, Alla; Solvang, Trond; Siig, Kristina; Romanova, Daria
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