MarIus 482: SIMPLY 2016

Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law Yearbook

Falkanger, Thor:

Bills of lading and sea way bills issued under charter parties: who is bound?

Solvang, Trond:

Some reflections concerning the scope of the Maritime Code section 172a

Ringbom, Henrik Mikael:

Enforcement of the Sulphur in Fuel Requirements: The Same, Only Different

Arnesen, Finn:

EEA – a “distinct legal order of its own”?

Kuro, Jonela:

Abolishing Cabotage: Regulatory Framework in Coastal and Cruise Shipping. The Case of Greece

Urrang, Benedicte Haavik:

The Nordic Trustee: A Right to Sue and be Sued in its Own Name

Ulfbeck, Vibe Garf:

Suing oil and mining companies for environmental damage - procedural barriers and opportunities in a comparative context

Siig, Kristina Maria:

Private classification societies acting on behalf of the regulating authorities within the shipping industry

ISSN: 0332-7868

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