About the Centre

The Centre for European Law is a forum where members from different Faculty departments may exchange and cooperate on European legal matters of mutual interest, and for academia and society at large to meet and discuss developments in European law.

The Centre was established in 1989 as a faculty centre at the Faculty of Law, University of Oslo. Since then, the Centre has offered teaching in EU/EEA law and served all that research European Law at the Faculty.

Research and teaching

Some of the Centre’s key areas of research include the institutions, procedures, principles and legal sources in EU and EEA law. The Centre also conducts research on the “four freedoms”, which constitute the fundamental economic rights in EU and EEA law.

Staff affiliated with the Centre research and teach, particularly in EU and EEA law. Developing EU/EEA law teaching and competence is a key task for the Centre.

Research groups and networks

Several of the staff members affiliated with the Centre participate in the Faculty’s research group Markets, Innovations and Competition. The Centre also administers the European Law Network, which is a hub for researchers interested in European law, and “europarettslisten” (The European Law List), which is a mailing list that is primarily directed at practicing lawyers.


The main activities at the Centre are:

  • Weekly public lunch seminars addressing noteworthy developments in European law.
  • Monthly interdisciplinary lunch seminars in cooperation with the Faculty’s diverse research groups.
  • Larger evening seminars (3–4 per year).
  • An annual European law conference for practitioners.
  • An annual academic conference for the European Law communities at the universities of Bergen and Oslo.

A comprehensive library

The Faculty has a large library with a comprehensive EU/EEA law collection, which is available to everyone. Moreover, the Centre publishes the biweekly newsletter EuroRett in cooperation with Lovdata.


By decision of the dean, the Centre for European law was reorganized from 27 September 2019 under new direction. The Centre will now be anchored in the Faculty’s three departments: the Department of Private Law, the Department of Public and International Law, and the Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law.

Leadership of the Centre

The Council of the Centre

  • The head of the Centre.
  • The heads of the Department of Private Law, the Department of Public and International Law, and the Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law.
  • An external representative.
  • One other person affiliated with the Centre.


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