Intercultural Education and Religious Plurality

‘International Education and Religious Plurality’ consists of research based discussions aimed at helping educators and policy makers to bring the dimension of religious diversity to intercultural education in Europe.


The report is written by members of Warwick Religions and Education Research Unit and edited by Robert Jackson and Ursula McKenna as a contribution to the Oslo Coalition’s Project on Teaching for Tolerance and Freedom of Religion or Belief. ‘Teaching for Tolerance and Freedom of Religion or Belief’ (now terminated) is an Oslo Coalition project which seeks to develop a global interdisciplinary network in order to contribute to the development and dissemination of material for education, and to evaluate different educational models.

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Intercultural Education and Religious Plurality 
includes the following chapters:

1: Intercultural Education, Religious Plurality and Teaching for Tolerance: Interpretive and Dialogical Approaches Robert Jackson

2: Ethnography, Religion and Intercultural Education: Some possibilities for Europe Eleanor Nesbitt

3: Pedagogy, Dialogue and Truth: Intercultural Education in the Religious Education classroom Kevin O’Grady

4: Motivating Able Students to Study Religious Diversity: Applying the Interpretive Approach Amy Whittall

5: Pupil-to-Pupil Dialogue as a Tool for Religious Education in the Primary Classroom Julia Ipgrave

6: Intercultural learning: Education and Islam – a case study Bill Gent

7: Citizenship Education and Religious Education: A European Perspective Robert Jackson and Karen Steele

8: A Discussion of the Relationship between Intercultural Education, Religious Diversity and Religious Education Ursula McKenna

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