NCHR International Programmes publications up to 2016

A list of publications issued by the NCHR through its International Programmes from 1998 until the end of 2016.


  • Bakke, Cecilie Figenschou, Smith, Rhona & MacLeod, Merethe Borge: “Capacity building approach for Human Rights Education in China – Nordic experiences and perspectives”, in International Engagement in China’s Human Rights . Titus Chen og Dingding Chen (eds.) , Routledge China Policy Series.


  • Chen, Si: “Towards a Business and Human Rights Treaty”. (Master thesis), 2015, det juridiske fakultet, UIO.
  • Lu, Haina: "Woguo Dui Pingdeng Jiuyequan de Guojia Baohu-Yi Guojifa Wei Shijiao", (The state's protection of equal employment right in China - in the Lights of the International Law), Falu Chubanshe: China Law Press 2015. ISBN 978-7-5118-8102-



  • Zhu, Lijiang: “International Humanitarian Law in the Universal Periodic Review of the UN Human Rights Council: An Empirical Survey”, Journal of international humanitarian legal studies, No.5, 2014: 186-
  • Espelid, Kristian: “Judicial Independence in China: A Post-totalitarian Story»”. NCHR Occacional Paper Series #2, Oslo; Norwegian Centre for human rights.
  • Lie, Anne Christine: “Rethinking Rural Resistance in China: A Case Study of the 2011 Wukan Incident in Guandong province”. NCHR Occacional Paper Series #4, Oslo; Norwegian Centre for human rights.
  • Shen, Qimin: Corporatism, freedom of association andShenzhen's trade union reform (Master thesis), 2014, University of Oslo, Faculty of Law.


  • Fernida, Indria. Calling for truth about mass killings of 1965/6: Civil Society Initiatives in revealing the truth of mass killings of 1965/6 under the transitional justice framework in Indonesia, Master thesis, Norwegian Centre for Human Rights, University of Oslo.
  • Pertiwi, Mahaarum Kusama. Reclaiming Minority's Freedom of Religion or Belief in Indonesia, Master thesis, Norwegian Centre for Human Rights, University of Oslo.
  • Latif Fauzi, Muhammad and Hermawan, Sulhani (Eds.) Islam dan HAM - Diskursus dan Pengalaman Indonesia, Kaukaba Dipantara, December 2014. Book based on essays submitted to the the conference 'Islam dan Human Rights - theories and practices in contemporary Indonesia' in 2012.
  • Tømte, Aksel. The protection gap in the palm oil sector in Indonesia. Tvergastein;Volum 5.(2) Suppl. 2014 s. 104-109
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  • Coquoz, Sebastien Pierre. Addressing resistance to human rights in human rights education: The case of Indonesia, Master thesis, Norwegian Centre for Human Rights, University of Oslo.
  • Breidlid, Torhild. The Legitimization of Violence against the Ahmadiyya Community in Indonesia, Journal Social and Humaniora Graduate School Universitas Gadja Mada, Vol 3, No. 2, p.165-177, ISSN 2088-5415.




  • Tømte, Aksel. Constitutional Review of the Indonesian Blasphemy Law, Nordic Journal of Human Rights, Vol 30 No 2, p. 174- 204, ISSN 1891-8131.
  • Rizki, Rudi Muhammad. Tanggung Jawab korporasi transnasional dalam pelanggaran berat HAM, Penerbit Fikahati Aneska.
  • Vulnerable Groups: Kajian & Mekanism Perlindungannya, Edited by Eko Riyadi and Syarif Nurhidayat, with contributions from Mansur Zaky, Surharsih, Budi Wahyuni, Alamsyah M. Dja'far, Ahmad Suaedy, Yosep Adi Praesetya, Emil Ola Kleden, Hesti Armiwulan, Aetia Adi Purwanta, Sulistyowati Irianto, Y. Sari Murti W., Rudi M Rizki, Enny Soeprapto and Eko Riyadi. Published by Pusham UII.


  • Nina Vennevold, “Pilot study on Vietnam's media landscape and application in Norway and Vietnam” prepared for the Seminar on UNESCO Media Development Indicators and Application in Norway and Vietnam organized by the Norwegian Centre of Human Rights, Vietnam Institute of State and Law and Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences on 3 May 2012 




  • Colbran, Nicola. Indigenous Peoples in Indonesia: At Risk of Disappearing as Distinct Peoples in the Rush for Biofuel? International Journal on Minority and Group Rights, Volume 18, Number 1, 2011 , pp. 63-92(30).
  • Pangan dan Hak Asasi Manusia dalam Pembangunan. Indonsian translation of selected chapters from Food and Human Rights in Development - volume I, Intersentia 2005 and Food and Human Rights in Development - volume II, Intersentia 2007. Both volumes were edited by Wenche Barth Eide and Uwe Kracht. The Indonesian language edition was published in cooperation with the Indonesian Human Rights Committee for Social Justice (IHCS).


  • Robert W Vaagan, "Media systems, Access to Information and Human Rights in China and Vietnam"Nordic Journal of Human Rights 29:4 (2011) 302-328 
  • The Vietnam Programme, “Seminar Notes” Seminar on Business and Human Rights, Oslo, Norway (August, 2011).




  • Colbran, Nicola. Prosperity denied, article about mining in East Nusa Tenggara, published in the online magasine Inside Indonesia, July-September 2010 edition.
  • Colbran, Nicola. Freedom of Religion or Belief in Indonesia: Normative Guarantees and Guarantees in Practice. This article formed a chapter in the Indonesian language version of Facilitating Freedom of Religion or Belief: A Desk Book published by the Oslo Coalition on Freedom of Religion or Belief.
  • Colbran, Nicola. Realities and challenges in realising freedom of religion or belief in Indonesia. The International Journal of Human Rights, Volume 14, Issue 5, 2010.
  • Arifin, Syamsul. Attitudes to Human Rights and Freedom of Religion of Belief in Indonesia - Voices of Islamic Religious Leaders in East Java. Translated and rendered into English by Tore Lindholm, Nelly van Doorn-Harder and Nicola Colbran. Published by Kanisius in October 2010.
  • Cholil, Suhadi. Freedom of Religion or Belief in Indonesia and the Challenge of Muslim Exceptionalism. Essay published in Freedom and Responsibility: Christian and Muslim Explorations by Simone Sinn and Martin Sinaga (Eds.) Published by Lutheran University Press.

Vietnam (From Seminar on Fair Trial and Human Rights Protection)

  • Prof. Dr. Pham Van Tinh, Institute of State and Law, “An increasing trend towards protection of human rights in criminal justice: - Vietnam adopts presumption of innocence principle.”
  • Prof. Dr. Nguyen Trung Tin, Institute of State and Law, “Guarantee the defending right in the criminal procedure code of Vietnam”
  • Dr. Ho Sy Son, Institute of State and Law, “ - Rights to appeal of the accused in Vietnam’s criminal procedure- practice and measures ensuring its enforcement”
  • Lawyer Do Ngoc Thinh, Vice President and general secretary of Vietnam bar Federation, “Rights of defense lawyer under the Code of Criminal Procedures 2003: Current status and orientation of reforms”
  • Nguyen Minh Duc, Head of Supreme People’s Procuracy, “The People’s Procuracy of Vietnam and the fair trial principle”
  • Prof.Dr. Dang Anh, Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam, “A fair trial and the role of police investigator in Vietnam”



  • Cecilie Figenschou Bakke, Joshua Bird & Hatla Thelle:  "Beiou Renquan Yanjiu Jigou yu Zhongguo de Renquan Jiaoyu", (The Nordic Institutes and Human Rights Education in China)" in Sun Shiyan (ed.) Zhongguo Daxue de Renquanfa Jiaoxue - Xianzhuang yu Zhanwang (The Human Rights Law Teaching at Chinese Universities: Problems, Process and Prospects). Beijing: Kexue Chubanshi
  • Bakke, Cecilie Figenschou. Menneskerettighetsdiskurs i Kina: påvirkning gjennom dialog og samarbeid. Internasjonal Politikk.  ISSN 0020-577X.  66(4), s 667- 680 (in Norwegian)
  • Elisabeth Bjornstol: “Human Rights Law Education in China”, Web Journal of Current Legal Issues [2009] 1 Web JCLI
  • Elisabeth Bjørnstøl: "Utdanning i menneskerettigheter i Kina", Kina & Vi Nr.2, 2009 (in Norwegian)
  • Koen Wellens: “Negotiable rights: China’s ethnic minorities and the right to freedom of religion”, International Journal on Minority and Group Rights (Brill), vol. 16, no. 3, pp. 433-454.
  • Jens Frydenberg Reinertsen: Assessing Access to Information in China - Legal Development and International Standards (MA-thesis)
  • Ingri Revheim: Rights and Responsibilities -Intellectual disability in China (MA-thesis)   


  • Colbran, Nicola. Will Jakarta be the next Atlantis? Excessive groundwater use resulting from a failing piped water network'. Published in LEAD (Law Environment and Development Journal) Volume 5/1, 2009. Read the article in pdf.
  • Asplund, Knut D. Resistance to Human Rights in Indonesia: Asian Values and Beyond. Article published in the Asia-Pacific Journal on Human Rights and the Law 1: 27-47, 2009.
  • Potret Pemenuhan Hak Atas Pendidikan Dan Perumahan Di Era Otonomi Dareah: Analisis Situasi Di Tiga Wilayah. Edited by Eko Riyadi and Supriyanto Abdi. Yogyakarta: Pusat Studi Hak Asasi Manusia, Universitas Islam Indonesia, 2009. Collection of studies concerning the right to housing and the right to eduction from three areas around Indonesia conducted by participants at ESC-rights courses arranged by NCHR and Pusham UII.
  • Colbran, Nicola. Courage Under Fire: The First Five Years of the Indonesian Yudicial Commission, published in Australian Journal of Asian Law, Volume 11 Issue 2, December 2009. About the article

Vietnam (from Workshop on Law on Access to Information- Experiences of some countries)

  • Prof. Dr. Pham Duy Nghia, Dean of Business law Faculty, Vietnam National University, "Interrelationship between Law on Access to Information, Law on Press and Ordinance on State secret protection".
  • Le Quoc Trung, Vice President of the Vietnam Journalists Association, "Role of the Press in implementing the right to access to information in Vietnam.”
  • Pham Anh Tuan, Deputy of Administration, Central steering Committee for anti- corruption, " Law on Access to information anf Anti- corruption"
  • Fany Davidova,"Campaign and process of adopting a law on Freedom of Information in Bulgary”
  • Prof. Dr. Le Van Cam, Head of Criminal Justice department, Faculty of Law, Vietnam National University, "The role of lawyers in promoting the right of access to information for community interests".
  • Hoang Thi Ngan, Deputy of Department for Administrative Organization and Public affaires, the Office of Gorvernment, "The process of developing law on acess to information in Vietnam"
  • Prof. Sung Nak, Seoul national university, "Law on Access to Information of South Korea and role of civil organisations in drafting and implementing this law."



  • Koen Wellens: "Zhongguo xinan diqu de zongjiao, shequ yu renleixue de zhenshixing" (Religion, community and anthropological truth in Southwest China) in Xinan minzu daxue xuebao (Journal of Southwest University for Nationalities) 2008 (8) pp. 1-4
  • Cecilie Figenschou Bakke: "Norsk-kinesisk menneskerettighetsdialog: mer enn diplomati og formelle møter?" Kina & Vi Nr.3, 2008. (in Norwegian
  • Otto Malmgren and Frøydis Heyerdahl: "Nuowei ertong quanyi jiancha zhuanyuan zhidu" (挪威儿童权益监察专员制度 /The Norwegian Ombudsman for Children), in《中国未成年人保护机制研究》(Zhongguo weichengnianren baohu jizhi yanjiu/Research on protection mechanisms for minors in China), Law Press China, 2008, pp. 200-217 (in Chinese)
  • Otto Malmgren: "Den kinesiske advokatens utfordringer" (Challenges for the Chinese Lawyer), Tidsskrift for Strafferett, Vol.8, No.1 (2008), pp.27-41 (in Norwegian)
  • Otto Malmgren: Book review: Rune Svarverud, "International Law as World Order in Late Imperial China –Translation, Reception and Discourse, 1847–1911", Sinica Leidensia, Vol.78, Brill, Leiden, 2007 in Nordic Journal of International Law, Vol.76 (2008), pp.191-195; also published in Chinese in Guojifa yanjiu (Chinese International Law Review), Vol.2 (2008), pp.241-244
  • Kathinka Furst: "Fighting for access to justice in environmental disputes: A comparative case analysis of opportunities and obstacles for victims of pollution in Inner Mongolia" (MA thesis)
  • Hans Jorgen Gasemyr: "Opportunities, Goals and Strategies of Chinese NGOs Working on HIV/AIDS" (MA thesis)


  • Colbran, Nicola and Eide, Asbjørn: Biofuel, the Environment and Food Security: A global problem explored through a case study of Indonesia, Published in Sustainable Development Law & Policy, Volume IX, Issue 1, Fall 2008.
  • Hukum Hak Asasi Manusia. Textbook for university students published by the Human Rights Centre at the Islamic University of Indonesia (Pusham UII) in cooperation with NCHR. Edited by Eko Riyadi. English language contributions pre-edited by Knut D. Asplund. The book contains ontributions from 15 different writers. First printed March 2008. The different book chapter can be downloaded in pdf-format from Pusham UII's homepages.
  • Buku Ajar Hak Asasi Manusia. Edisi Guru SMA. Edited by Suparman Marzuki and Eko Riyadi. An introduction to human rights for teachers published by the Human Rights Centre at the Islamic University of Indonesia (Pusham UII) in cooperation with NCHR. July, 2008.


  • Vu Cong Giao, Vietnam National University, “Mechanism and improving mechanism of implementing the right of access to information held by state agencies in Vietnam”. 



  • Cecilie Figenschou Bakke and Camilla Wedul: "10 years of Sino-Norwegian academic cooperation", Norwegian Centre for Human Rights. ISBN: 978-82-8158-044-2, h.
  • Koen Wellens: Book review: "Ethnic distinctions, local meanings: negotiating cultural identities in China". By Mary Rack. Anthropos: Internationale Zeitschrift für Völker- und Sprachenkunde 2007 ;Volum 102.(1) p. 286-287
  • Truls Winje: "Xinjiang: A centre-periphery conflict in display - An analysis of the Chinese state- and nation-building machinery in Xinjiang and the mobilization of Uyghur counter-cultures" (MA thesis)
  • Qiu Yang:  "Land Rental Rights and Rural Development in China" (MA thesis)


  • MENGURAI KOMPLEKSITAS HAK ASASI MANUSIA. Kajian Multi Perspektif. Edited by Eko Riyadi and Supriyanto Abdi. Yogyakarta: Pusat Studi Hak Asasi Manusia, Universitas Islam Indonesia, 2007. Collection of 36 articles written by human rights lecturers participating in NCHR and Pusham UII's joint training courses for human rights lecturers.
  • Right to Food: From Justiciability to Agrarian Reform. Jakarta, Indonesian Legal Aid and Human Rights Association, 2007. Collection of manuscripts and presentation from a seminar on the Right to Food held in Jakarta in December 2006, in cooperation with PBHI.



  • Lisa Reeve Stearns and Li Weiwei (eds): "Jinzhi jiuye qishi: Guoji biaozhun he guonei shijian", (Employment Discrimination: International Standards and National Practice), Zhongguo Falu Chubanshe: China Law Press 2006. ISBN 7-5036-6265-4
  • Lisa Reeve Stearns: “Temporary Special Measures: A Tool to Promote Equality”, in Lisa Stearns and Li Weiwei (eds): Jinzhi jiuye qishi: Guoji biaozhun he guonei shijian (Employment Discrimination: International Standards and National Practice), Zhongguo Falu Chubanshe: China Law Press 2006, pp. 49-79
  • Lisa Reeve Stearns and Ronald Lucius Craig: “The Developing Definition of Discrimination”, in Lisa Stearns and Li Weiwei (eds): Jinzhi jiuye qishi: Guoji biaozhun he guonei shijian (Employment Discrimination: International Standards and National Practice), Zhongguo Falu Chubanshe: China Law Press 2006, pp17-48
  • Lisa Reeve Stearns and Li Weiwei: “Introduction”, in Lisa Stearns and Li Weiwei (eds): Jinzhi jiuye qishi: Guoji biaozhun he guonei shijian (Employment Discrimination: International Standards and National Practice), Zhongguo Falu Chubanshe: China Law Press 2006, pp. 3-16
  • Koen Wellens: "Consecrating the Premi house: Ritual, community and the state in the borderlands of East Tibet", 2006, Acta humaniora 269. Faculty of the Humanities, University of Oslo. 288 pp. (PhD dissertation)
  • Koen Wellens: “Zaifang Zhongguo xinanbu de naxizu” (Revisiting the Naxi of China’s Southwest). Xibei minzu yanjiu (Northwest ethnic studies) 2006;3
  • Zhou, Wei (ed): "Zhongguo de Laodong Jiuye Qishi: Falü yu Xianshi" (Employment Discrimination in China: Legislation and Reality). Beijing: Falü Chubanshe [Law Press] 2006. ISBN: 7503658614


  • Shi Meixia and Lisa Stearns (eds.): "Quanqiuhua Beijingxia de Guoji Laogong Biaozhun yu Laodongfa Yanjiu" (Globalisation, International Labour Standards and Labour Law Studies), Zhongguo Laodong Shehui Baozhang Chubanshe (China Labour and Social Security Press) 2005 
  • Liu Kaiming: "Quanli Shiluo de Shehui Jiegou – Dui yi zong Jiti Laodong Zhengyi Anjian de Zhuizong Yanjiu" (A Social Structure of Lost Entitlements – An Investigative Report on a Case of Collective Labour Dispute), Shenzhen Institute of Contemporary Observation 2005.
  • Lisa Stearns: "China: the reality of human rights", in Rhona K.M. Smith and Christien van den Anker (eds.) The Essentials of human rights, 2005, pp. 44-48.  
  • Tone Helene Aarvik: "Development in a Chinese perspective: an analysis of the implementation of the development of the west in a minority area"(MA thesis)
  • Tashi Nyima: "Ethnicity and employment: a Tibetan case" (MA thesis)
  • Marte Galtung: "Integration among Barbarians and Tyrants: an analysis of the relationship between the locals and the migrants of a Chinese industrialised village and the different ways children and adults adjust to life in a new place" (MA thesis)


  • Li Weiwei: “International Protection of Women’s Rights and the Newly Revised Chinese Marriage Law”, in Peter Lødrup and Eva Modvar (eds), Family Life and human rights: papers presented at the 11th World Conference of the International society of Family Law, Gyldendal Akademisk Forlag, 2004, pp. 441-456
  • Li Weiwei: "Equality and Non-Discrimination under International Human Rights Law", NCHR Research Note 2004.
  • Liu Huawen: "The Obligations of States under the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights: The Chinese Case", NCHR Research Note 2004.
  • Liu Huawen: "The Child’s Right to Birth Registration - International and Chinese Perspectives", NCHR Research Note 2004
  • Zhang Huafeng: "Discrimination against migrant workers in Chinese cities: a case study of Beijing and Zhuhai" (MA thesis)


  • Xiong Qiuhong: "The Reform of the Chinese Criminal Procedure Law in a Human Rights Perspective", Human Rights Report 2003 ISBN: 82-90851-46-4 
  • Zhou Hanhua (ed): "Woguo zhengwu gongkai de shijian yu tansuo" (The Experiences and Explorations in Openness of Governmental Affairs in China), Xinxi gongkai zhidu congshu (1) (Open Information Systems Series 1), Zhongguo fazhi chubanshe, 2003
  • Zhou Hanhua (ed): "Waiguo zhengfu xinxi gongkai zhidu bijiao" (Comparatisons of Foreign Government Open Information Systems), Xinxi gongkai zhidu congshu (2) (Open Information Systems Series 2), Zhongguo fazhi chubanshe, 2003
  • Zhou Hanhua (ed): "Zhengfu xinxi gongkai tiaoli zhuanjia jianyigao - zao'an * shuoming * liyou * lifali"  (Specialist Proposal on Regulations on Openness of Government Information - draft * explanation * reasoning * legislative examples), Xinxi gongkai zhidu congshu (3) (Open Information Systems Series 3), Zhongguo fazhi chubanshe, 2003
  • Janne Breimo: "Enforcing occupational safety laws in China: bureaucratic problems and administrative reform" (MA thesis)


  • Cheng Jie: "Law Making and Law Enforcement in China", NCHR Working paper 2002
  • IHRL Textbook Project Group (eds.): Guoji Renquanfa Jiaocheng (Textbook on International Human Rights Law). Beijing, China University of Political Science and Law Publishing House 2002. ISBN 7-5620-2263-1/D
  • Xue Ninglan: "Revision of the Chinese Marriage Law in 2001", NCHR Working paper 2002
  • Zhou Yong: "Shaoshuren Quanli de Fali" (Jurisprudence on Minority Right in International Law), Beijing, Shehui kexue wenxia chubanshe (Social Science Documentation Publishing House) 2002. ISBN 7-80149-710-4/D
  • Otto Malmgren (ed.): "International Human Rights Documents - a Compilation of United Nations Conventions, Optional Protocols, General Comments and General Recommendations", 2. edition, Norwegian Institute of Human Rights. ISBN 82-90851-36-7
  • Otto Malmgren: "Teaching International Human Rights Law at Jilin University” in Making a Difference (a "HRE Success Story" Journal by ARRC), Volume 1102, No.12, January 2002/April 2002


  • Liu Hainian (ed.): “Jingji, shehui he wenhua quanli guoji gongyue” yanjiu (Research on the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights), Zhongguo fazhi chubanshe (China Legal System Publishing House), 2000, ISBN 7-80083-706-8


  • Lisa Stearns: "Chinese Women´s Rights", Women´s World Conference, June 1999. NCHR Working Paper 1999.
  • Lisa Stearns (ed.): "Domestic Implementation of Obligations Under the UN Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights". Human Rights Report No. 2, 1999. Oslo, University of Oslo 1999. ISSN No. 0804-0672
  • Lisa Stearns,  Jonas Grimheden and Hatla Thelle, “Human Rights Politics with China: confrontation or dialogue?” (in Norwegian), Mennesker or Rettigheter, No. 1, 1999, pp. 46-57
  • Liu Junhai: "The Protection of Labour Rights in China", NCHR Working Paper 1997.
  • Liu Junhai: "Gongsi de shehui zeren" (The Social Responsibility of Companies), Falü chubanshe (Law Press), 1999, ISBN 7-5036-2496-5
  • Zhou Hanhua: "Objectives of Judical System Reform: Establishing an Independent, Open and Dynamic Judiciary". NCHR Working Paper 1999. 
  • Otto Malmgren: Book Review: “Kinas Retssystem og Retsreformer”, by Jonas Beering Liisberg;  in Mennesker og Rettigheter, Vol.17, No.4 (in Norwegian)


  • Mo Jihong (ed./transl.): "Biaoda ziyou de falü jiaxian" (The Legal Limitations on Freedom of Expression), Zhongguo renmin gong’an daxue chubanshe (China People’s Public Security University Publishing House), 1998, ISBN 7-81059-124-x
  • Elisabeth Perioli Bjørnstøl, Christine Nordtømme Surlien and Lisa Stearns (eds), "China & the rule of law" (Partial annotated list of articles, research material and reports).


  • Forthcoming 2014: Christie, Nils; Crime Control as Industry, Routledge, 2000 (3rd ed.)
  • Forthcoming 2013: Mathiesen, Thomas; Prison on Trial, Waterside Press, 2006 (3rd ed.)
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