Participating institutions and individual members

FoHRC Institutional affiliation and core group

FoHRC is affiliated with the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights. 

Members of the FoHRC Core Group acts as a steering Committee:

From UiO, Centre for Development and Environment - SUM:  

  • Associate Professor Sidsel Roalkvam
  • PhD candidate Ann Louise Lie

From UiO, Norwegian Centre for Human Rights - SMR:

  • Emeritus Asbjørn Eide
  • Advisor Aksel Tømte, Indonesia Programme

From UiO, Department of Nutrition, Faculty of Medicine:

  • Emerita Wenche Barth Eide (FoHRC Coordinator)
  • Professor of Nutrition Epidemiology Nanna Lien/Professor of Clinical Nutrition Per Ole Iversen (alternating)

From HiOA, Faculty of Health:

  • Professor of Public Health Nutrition and Chair of the National Nutrition Council Liv Elin Torheim
  • Associate Professor Sigrun Henjum

From Redd Barna:

  • Senior Advisor for Health Kjersti Koffeld

From FIAN Norway:

  • Acting Director Marit Erdal

Independent Consultants:

  • Sabrina Ionata de Oliveira Granheim (Nutriton)
  • Abraham T. Afrim-Nahr (Business and Human Rights)
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