The applicability of international human rights law in UN-authorised peace operations (completed)

The project analyses the applicability of the European Convention on Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights during international peace operations with a United Nations Security Council mandate, and inquires whether Troop Contributing States can be held responsible under these conventions for the conduct of their military forces in such operations.

About the project

This is a Ph.D. project that examines the relevant requirements for the applicability of human rights conventions in peace operations. Key research questions include (i) whether the conduct of military forces during peace operations is attributable to the Troop Contributing State or the United Nations within the framework of the conventions, (ii) whether a Troop Contributing State can be said to exercise "jurisdiction" during participation in UN-authorised peace operations, (iii) what effect a UN Security Council authorisation has on the application of human rights conventions, and (iv) whether there are other circumstances that preclude the application of the conventions.


The objective of the project is the completion of a thesis in compliance with the requirements for the Ph.D. degree in law at the University of Oslo.


The ultimate research outcome is the completion of the thesis. Intermediate outcomes have included the publication of thesis-related articles in the European Journal of International Law and the Nordic Journal of International Law.


Project period 2006-2010


Faculty of Law, University of Oslo

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Kjetil Mujezinovic Larsen