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General information when applying for a doctoral research fellowship

Doctoral research fellowships are announced on the Faculty’s website. In order to be employed as a doctoral research fellow you must be qualified for admission to the PhD programme.

Admission and employment requirements

The general requirements for admission to the PhD programme  also apply to employment in doctoral research fellowships.

See also admission procedures.

Advertisements for vacant posts

Vacant doctoral research fellowships at the Faculty of Law are advertised on the Faculty’s web page for vacant posts. Applications must be submitted electronically and in accordance with the guidelines stipulated in the advertisement. There are two types of doctoral research fellowship: posts that are not limited to a certain subject and posts connected to a subject-specific research project. Applications must be submitted within the deadline specified in the advertisement. You will receive confirmation that your application has been received according to applicable rules and deadlines.


If you are employed in a doctoral research fellowship, you will automatically be admitted to the faculty’s PhD programme. As a research fellow you are an employee of the University of Oslo, as well as a student on the PhD programme. Further details of what is entailed in being employed as doctoral research fellow can be found on the web page For employees.


If you have a background that enables you to cover an unfulfilled demand for teaching at the faculty, you may be employed for four years, with a 25% teaching requirement.


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