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Why choose this PhD programme?

At the Faculty of Law you will undertake research in close proximity to our most important legal institutions, and will be part of a large and inclusive doctoral research community. The faculty has the largest and most diverse legal academic community in Norway, and is home to a Norwegian Centre of Excellence.

Doctoral research fellows who submit their thesis within the nominal length of study will be offered a 6-month completion grant.

The programme in brief

Research training at the Faculty of Law is organized as a single PhD programme. The nominal length of study of the PhD education is three years of full-time studies. You will be affiliated with one of our institutions, depending on supervisory capacity within the relevant area. During the period of the PhD education, you will:

  • Follow the theoretical organized research training, which is worth 30 credits.
  • Write a thesis.
  • Undertake a trial lecture and a public defence before you can be awarded the PhD degree.
  • The theoretical organized research training consists of compulsory and elective courses. It is recommended that you take the courses at an early stage of your studies so that you can concentrate on writing the thesis in the final stage of the programme.

Completion of the PhD programme requires integration and participation in an active research environment, collaboration with other researchers and affiliation with relevant national and international research networks. You will receive close follow-up and academic supervision, but must take responsibility for planning and carrying out the thesis work.

If you are employed as a research fellow and submit your thesis within the nominal length of study you will be offered a 6-month completion grant.

Admission criteria

In order to gain admission to a PhD programme at the Faculty of Law, you must have a five-year Master's degree in law, including criminology and sociology of law, or an equivalent qualification with excellent grades. You must also have funding during the PhD period, either through employment as a research fellow or from another employer.

Read more about admission.

Study environment

There are approximately 90 PhD candidates at the Faculty at any given time. All candidates are affiliated with active research environments in the departments. You will take part in internal and international research courses and be included in academic and social events, such as lunches and research meetings. Separate events for PhD candidates are organised by the PhD Council and UniDoc. If you are an employee of the faculty you will have the same opportunities as other employees, such as training during working hours.

Overseas stays

All research fellows are encouraged to spend time abroad as part of the source or field work related to the doctoral thesis, or in order to receive supervision and other academic support at another university. Contact the PhD Coordinator or Overseas Consultant in the Faculty’s Administration Section if you plan to travel overseas.

Read more about overseas stays.

Where can I work?

As the holder of a PhD from the Faculty of Law you will be highly sought after, whether you are seeking a career in research or other academic challenges in or outside Norway. You will be qualified to apply for research positions at Norwegian and foreign educational institutions. Specialized professional communities, such as the legal profession and public administration, also have a demand for those with a doctoral degree. In addition to the specialization you will acquire through your thesis work, you will also acquire skills such as:

  • the ability to work independently with complex problems over time
  • project planning and the ability to work under time constraints
  • assessing the suitability and application of different methods and processes
  • formulating academic problems and planning research and development work
  • identifying new opportunities and perspectives
  • the ability to think analytically
  • written and verbal dissemination
  • result and solution-oriented thinking

The faculty in brief

The Faculty of Law is located in Oslo city centre with all that the capital has to offer practically on its doorstep. The faculty is divided into five departments. Most PhD candidates are employed as research fellows at the faculty, but some of the people admitted to the PhD programme have an external employer. All candidates are affiliated with active research groups in the departments and participate in internal and international research courses. We have expertise in and conduct research on a wide range of topics within the field of Law.

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