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Courses, seminars and training - PhD

The mandatory educational component is set out in the programme description and consists of 30 credits:

18 credits Compulsory courses (Fellesemner) and

12 credits Elective courses (Valgemner).

Candidates register for PhD courses on Studentweb and use Canvas to submit essays.

Educational component

The educational component consists of two parts:

  • a set of compulsory courses (18 credits)
  • a set of elective courses (12 credits).

Both parts with associated courses are mandatory for all PhD candidates. In addition to these 30 credits, all PhD candidates must complete a midway assessment.  

Compulsory Courses

JUR9010: Philosophy of science, scientific theory and  research methods  (4 credits)
JUR9021: Internationalization, transnational Law and Comparison (4 credits)
JUR9031: In perspective: history of law, sociology of law, economy of law (4 credits)
JUR9041: Research ethics, academic writing and dissemination of research (4credits)
JUR9201: National PhD seminar in law1 (1 credit)
JUR9202: National PhD seminar in law 2 (1 credit)

Elective Courses

JUR9302 – Written work /scientific article, ready to publish (7 credits)
JUR9503 – International seminars in law (5 credits)

Approval of essays in the educational component

You are required to write essays as part of the compulsory courses, please see the guidelines.

Approval of Elective Courses in the educational component

You are to choose international seminars to count as JUR 9503, as long as certain requirements are met. Please refer to the guidelines.

JurforskNordic is a web platform for announcing PhD courses, conferences and seminars to Nordic PhD students in law (jurisprudence and related disciplines).


Please register for the PhD courses through Studentweb


The Faculty of Law uses Canvas for submission and approval of essays, distribution of literature etc.

Authoritative Texts and Their Reception (ATTR)

The Faculty of Law is part of the  national research school in textual interpretation, ATTR which offers specialised interdisciplinary training for PhD students within the Humanities, Law, and Theology.