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Programme structure - PhD

The organized research training at the Faculty of Law is organized within a PhD programme. The nominal period of study is 3 years of full-time study.

Basis for awarding the degree of PhD

The PhD degree is awarded on the basis of:

  • scientific thesis

  • completed and passed 30-credit educational component

  • completed and passed trial lecture and public defence

Programme description and regulations

It is important that you familiarize yourself with the provisions regarding the organized research training at the faculty. The PhD Regulations apply to all PhD candidates at the University of Oslo, while the programme description defines the specific rules for PhD candidates at the Faculty of Law.

The PhD programme is regulated by:

The theoretical educational component consists of a total of 30 credits. Some of the courses are compulsory, others are elective. The educational component is specified in the faculty's PhD programme description. It is recommended that PhD candidates complete the theoretical educational component during the first 1–2 years, so that they can focus on writing towards the end.

What do I learn?

According to the Norwegian Qualifications Framework, the theoretical training programme, the thesis and the PhD examination will enable candidates to conduct legal research of a high calibre, in accordance with recognized academic and ethical principles. The education will qualify students for research activity and other employment in which the expected standard of scientific insight and analytical thinking is high.


If you are employed on a 4-year doctoral research fellowship, this means that you have a 25% teaching requirement. It is important that you contact the Section for Student Affairs at an early stage about courses with unmet needs that you can teach, as planning of the next semester's teaching starts early. Contact Anne-Brit Strandset at the Section for Student Affairs. She will put you in contact with the course planners.

If you are employed on a 3-year contract, you do not have a teaching requirement. 

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