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Decision on the completion of exams, spring 2020 (Outdated)

This text is no longer valid. 

Go to: Updated decisions on exam completion spring 2020 (25 March)

(Norwegian version: Vedtak fra 25. mars om gjennomføring av eksamen våren 2020)

Reference is made to the decision enacted by the Dean on 16 March 2020, that all exams in electives will be carried out as home exams this spring. 

For Norwegian electives, the grading scale is “approved / not approved”. Exams in English electives shall continue to apply the scale “A–F”. 

All students who take the exam in the same elective course will be treated in the same way. 

On the 18th of March the Dean further clarified and decided: 

  • No exams are rescheduledThe exam-dates and the exact clock-times published on the semester pages continue to apply. 

  • Home-exams will be distributed up to 15 minutes before the home-exam starts. Submission can be completed no later than 30 minutes after the end of the home-exam. 

  • Exams carried out as home exams shall be the individual work of the student. Students are allowed to use all available sources (“open book exam”). During the exam, students are however not allowed to communicate with other persons about the exam or to distribute the text of the exam or draft answers. All submitted exams will be processed in the faculty's computer system for text and plagiarism control.» 

  • To achieve the result "approved” the candidate must prove satisfactory knowledge, skills and methodological expertise and satisfactory fulfillment of the learning outcomes as stated in the learning description of the elective.  

  • This semesters drafting and evaluation of exams will take the challenges causes by the corona-virus into regard. 


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