Stein Evju Festschrift Symposium

Stein Evju turned 70 on 30 October 2016. In this connection colleagues and friends honored him with a festschrift. The book will be handed over at the Stein Evju Festschrift Symposium held on 2 and 3 November 2016.


Wednesday 2 November 2016

Arrival, Professorboligen

12.30–13.30    Registration and sandwich lunch


Welcoming, Gamle festsal

13.30–14.00    Welcoming address. Handing over the Festschrift     


First session, Gamle festsal: The basics of labour law and its development

14.00–14.20    Anette Grønnerød-Hemmingby, On the basic character of the employment relationship

14.20–14.50    Monika Schlachter, On collective rights at migration and posting

14.50–15.10    Rüdiger Krause, On peace obligation in German labour law

15.10–15.30    Discussion, moderator: Manfred Weiss

15.30–15.50    Refreshments


Second session, Gamle festsal: Collective agreements and collective action

15.50–16.10    Alexander Næss Skjønberg, On peace obligation in Norwegian labour law

16.10–16.30    Kurt Weltzien, On boycott and the ILO Convention 87

16.30–16.50    Achim Seifert, On international framework agreements as an example for legal pluralism

16.50–17.10    Birgitta Nyström, On the Social Charter of Council of Europe and the Nordic labour market model

17.10–17.30    Discussion, moderator: Petra Herzfeld Olsson


Evening session, Gamle festsal ⇒ Aula ⇒ Professorboligen

17.30–18.30    Guided tour: The University Aula with paintings by Edvard Munch

18.30–23.00    Tapas and wine, mingling, Professorboligen


Thursday 3 November 2016

Morning greetings, Gamle festsal

08.30–08.40    Morning greetings


Third session, Gamle festsal: National labour law and EU labour law (in harmony?)

08.40–09.00    Andreas van den Heuvel, On wage and working conditions for temporary agency worker and posted workers

09.00–09.20    Marie Nesvik, On the Ryanair-case (employment contracts in private international law)

09.20–09.40    Felipe Temming, On labour law in corporate groups

09.40–10.00    Erik Sjödin, On EU and cross border work, not only posted workers

10.00–10.30    Discussion, moderator: Judy Fudge

10.30–11.00    Refreshments


Fourth session, Gamle festsal: Challenges in a globalised working life. New working life or new law on work?

11.00–11.20    Marianne Jenum Hotvedt, On challenges in crowdsourced work

11.20–11.40    Reingard Zimmer, On the impact of CETA and TTIP on social standards

11.40–12.00    Beate Sjåfjell, On the role of board level employee representatives

12.00–12.20    Claudia Schubert, On the conflict between the Member States’ obligations according to EU law and the Council of Europe’s guarantees of human rights

12.20–12.40    Discussion, moderator: Tonia Novitz


Closing, Gamle festsal

12.40–13.20    Concluding remarks: Catherine Barnard and Filip Dorssemont


Sandwich lunch and good byes, Professorboligen

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