“Personal Information Management Services” – marrying GDPR and innovation?

Tuesday coffee seminar. 

The seminar is open for everyone, and there is no registration. 

The MyData Initiative is a collection of idealistic startups across Europe with the common mission of giving individuals control over their personal data from a variety of sources on a single platform, as well as the ability to benefit from it. These represent a new class of services, so-called Personal Information Management Services (PIMS).

PIMS are expecting the GDPR to be a gamechanger, increasing demand for their services and boosting their ability to create value. PIMS success likely depends on cooperation with other companies, who are primarily interested in leveraging AI/analytics tools, as well as the ability to create sufficient benefit for consumers. This opens up questions from a privacy perspective. Is it possible to find common ground between business interests, data privacy, and consumers’ preference for convenience? And is the only way to realistically maintain data privacy, to embrace its commercial potential?

Nina Chung Mathiesen (1988) has her academic background in neuroscience research, but has since her degree worked with the GDPR and AI/cognitive tools within financial services. Today she works as a compliance consultant for digital banking in EVRY.


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