Bitcoin and Blockchain: Perspectives and Legal Implications

We welcome all interested to this year’s Jon Bing Memorial Seminar.

The theme for the seminar is blockchain technology, of which the cryptocurrency Bitcoin is perhaps the most well-known spin-off. The development of blockchain technology has been trumpeted as revolutionary for numerous sectors. Yet, while the technology features increasingly in the mass media and in regulatory discourse, it remains poorly understood, not least by many jurists.


In the exploratory spirit of Jon Bing, we aim with this seminar to cast light on Bitcoin and blockchain technology from several perspectives so that we may better comprehend their legal implications.


Seminar program is here.


Registration by: 13 April  – register at this website


Website with payment information here

Here are the presentations from the seminar:


- Inger Marie Sunde


- Svein Ølnes


- Olav Torvund


- Euripidez Risoz









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