Sollund in The Spotlight

The most recent newsletter of the American Society of Criminology's Critical Criminology Division (DCCSJ) highlights the 2021 DCCSJ award winners. This include Professor Ragnhild Sollund.

Inside the hall the cereminy took place showing Sollund givind a speech

From the award ceremony. Photo: UiO.

'In a Weberian sense, I do my research and teaching in order to contribute to change; to a better world for humans, nonhumans and the natural environment' writes professor Sollund.

'The least we can do as academics and critical criminologists is to keep documenting harms and crimes by the powerful, support  the victims of exploitation, oppression and neglect, work for change and actively protest ... we cannot limit our writing to academic journals but must reach out to the public with our findings through participation in public debate. Being in privileged positions as academics, we have a responsibility for contributing to change for the better of all.'

You can read the entire text in The Critical Criminologist: Spotlight (1/2022).

Published Mar. 9, 2022 3:34 PM - Last modified July 7, 2022 12:14 PM