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Phone +47-22859773
Room DMØ 148d
Visiting address Karl Johans gate 47 Domus Media
Postal address Postboks 6706 St. Olavs plass 0130 OSLO

Academic Interests

Works primarily with petroleum law and related areas (concessions, joint operating agreements, petroleum related contracts, safety regulations), with a main emphasis on construction contracts. Also engaged in dispute resolution methods, specifically  mediation (including project integrated mediation –PRIME).

Moderator in negotiations between construction industry and oil companies / owners to establish agreed standard contracts for offshore and onshore development projects.  Arbitrator and mediator in commercial disputes. Frequently lecturing within his field of work.


Obligatory subjects at masters level.

Elective subjects:


Cand.jur. 1977 (Oslo), dr. juris 1984 (Oslo).

Professor at the Scandinavian Institute for Maritime Law, University in Oslo, since 1989. Assistant District Judge, Nedenes, Arendal 1979-81. Counsel, Norsk Hydro a.s 1984-88. Head of Department for Petroluem Law 1989-2000 and 2009-present. Dean of The Law Faculty, Oslo, 2001-2003 (Associate Dean 1995-97). Chair of the University Council, University of  Oslo (2002). Visiting scholar, University of Washington, Seattle, USA (1991 - 1992). Acting  Justice, the Norwegian Supreme Court for two periods 2005-2008.


  • Board of Lovdata foundation (chairman)
  • Board of The Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Institute of the Oslo Chamber of Commerce  (member)
  • Board of University Kindergarden ( chairman)


Tags: Petroleum Law, Energy, Property and Bankruptcy law, Contract Law


  • Arnesen, Finn; Hammer, Ulf; Høisveen, Per Håkon; Kaasen, Knut & Nygaard, Dagfinn (2016). Energy Law in Norway, In Martha Roggenkamp; Catherine Redgwell; Anita Rønne & Iñigo del Guayo (ed.),  Energy Law in Europe. National , EU and international regulation. Third edition..  Oxford University Press.  ISBN 978-0-19-871289-3.  11.  s 807 - 884
  • Kaasen, Knut (2014). Safety regulation on the Norwegian continental shelf, In Preben Hempel Lindøe; Michael Baram & Ortwin Renn (ed.),  Risk governance of offshore oil and gas operations.  Cambridge University Press.  ISBN 978-1-107-02554-7.  Kapittel 5.  s 103 - 131

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  • Kaasen, Knut (2015). Director`s preface. MarIus.  ISSN 0332-7868.  (456), s 5- 7
  • Engen, Ole Andreas; Hansen, Kåre; Lindøe, Preben Hempel; Jan Erik, Vinnem; Kaasen, Knut; Teig, Inger Lise; Solberg, Astrid; Kringen, Jacob; Selnes, Per Otto & Hagen, Janne Merete (2013). Tilsynsstrategi og HMS regelverk i Norsk Petroleumsvirksomhet.
  • Kaasen, Knut (2013). Arbeidene med NS 8407.
  • Kaasen, Knut (2013). Drilling og subseakontrakter: Oppsummering og trender i kontraktsutviklingen.
  • Kaasen, Knut (2013). Endringer og tilliggende herligheter i NS 8405:2008.
  • Kaasen, Knut (2013). KLR - samarbeid og kommunikasjon mellom profesjonelle aktører.
  • Kaasen, Knut (2013). Kontrakter i olje- og gassindustrien; Standardene, endringer, mislighold, fremdrift.
  • Kaasen, Knut (2013). Kontrakter i olje- og gassindustrien: standarder, endringer, mislighold, fremdrift.

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