InterTran (completed)

The InterTran project is an interdisciplinary research project focusing on the expanding new, European transport policy from a legal and logistical point of view.


About the project

The research is performed jointly by researchers from the University of Helsinki (law) and the Aalto University School of Economics (logistics).



The European Commission has defined a strategy towards a target of sustainable freight. The aim is to disconnect mobility from its adverse effects by promoting co-modality, i.e. optimally combining various modes of transport within the same transport chain, so called intermodal or multimodal transport. The object of this research project is to analyze the above mentioned development towards sustainable freight within the European Union from the point of view of private law and economical logistics.


The project will result in a final report written in English and published internationally. Further, it will produce several reports and international refereed articles in high quality refereed journals, all written in English.

The final results will be presented on a closing conference at Helsinki University 18 to 19 September 2014. Articles from the conference is published in MarIus 459 (2015): European Intermodal Sustainable Transport - Quo Vadis?


The project is financed by the Finnish Academy and The Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law jointly.


The InterTran-project has a broad network of international collaborators also collaborates with the EU-financed E-freight research project.

Tags: Nordic, Europe
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