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Phone + 62 0878 7709 5864
Room 226
Visiting address Cort Adelersgt. 30
Postal address Norwegian Centre for Human Rights


Responsible for the International Department’s project portfolio on business and Human Rights, focused on promotion of rights-based implementation of Indonesia’s Village law, as a means to meet state obligations under pillar one of the UN guided principles on business and human rights.

Responsible for various studies and related outreach activities related to the human rights impacts of the oil palm sector, including the Palm Oil Sector and Human Rights – a case study on Palm Oil Corporations in Central Kalimantan and Privatisasi Transmigrasi dan Kemitraan Plasma Menopang Industri Sawit  

Responsible for the annual NCHR Intensive Course in Human Rights.

Responsible for the cooperation with the Indonesian Legal Aid Foundation, that is aiming at strengthening the capacities of Indonesian lawyers to represent religious minorities in court.  

Tags: Indonesia, Human Rights, Freedom of Religion or Belief, Business and Human Rights, Economic Social and Cultural Rights, Forest Management in Indonesia, Transmigration


  • Tømte, Aksel (2012). Constitutional review of the Indonesian Blasphemy Law. Nordic Journal of Human Rights.  ISSN 1891-8131.  30(2), s 174- 204

View all works in Cristin

View all works in Cristin

  • Tømte, Aksel (2019). Cracking the 'Golput' Code. Jakarta Post.  ISSN 0215-3432.
  • Tømte, Aksel (2019). The Human Cost of Oil Palm Development. The Conversation.  ISSN 2201-5639.
  • Tømte, Aksel (2018). Minorities, Sumber Daya Alam dan Pilkada (Minorities, Natural Resources and Regional Elections).
  • Dipa, Arya & Tømte, Aksel (2017, 08. april). Land acknowledgment crucial to prevent human rights violations.  Jakarta Post.
  • Tømte, Aksel; Eide, Asbjørn; Eide, Wenche Barth & Erdal, Marit (ed.) (2017). Investments and Land Rights : the role of the private sector in ensuring responsible governance of tenure. NCHR Occasional Paper Series. 8/2017.
  • Wisborg, Poul & Tømte, Aksel (2017). Not free for the taking: a human rights approach to transnational land aquisitions, In Aksel Tømte; Asbjørn Eide; Wenche Barth Eide & Marit Erdal (ed.),  Investments and Land Rights : the role of the private sector in ensuring responsible governance of tenure.  Norsk senter for menneskerettigheter, Universitetet i Oslo.  Kap. 1.  s 8 - 20 Show summary
  • Tømte, Aksel (2014). Pemaparan Pedoman Prinsip-prinsip PBB tentang bisnis dan HAM.
  • Tømte, Aksel (2014). The protection gap in the palm oil sector in Indonesia. Tvergastein.  ISSN 1893-5605.  5(2), s 104- 109
  • Tømte, Aksel (2013). Ateist i en teistisk stat.
  • Tømte, Aksel (2009, 10. desember). Urix - om menneskerettighetssituasjonen i Indonesia. [TV].  National TV.

View all works in Cristin

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