Methodological Challenges in Human Rights Research (completed)

The partner institutions in the Nordic Network in Human Rights Research are working towards increased research cooperation and greater insight in methodological issues in human rights research. The Network builds on a long tradition for human rights research in the Nordic countries.

The projevt has bee extended to last through 2015.

Nordic-language versions of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 1. Illustration: Jenny Graver

About the network

The Nordic Network on Methodological Challenges in Human Rights Research runs from 2012-2015. The Norwegian Centre for Human Rights is responsible for the academic and administrative coordination of the network. The network now has ten partners, and includes human rights institutions from Harvard, Stockholm, Bergen, Lillehammer and Florence in addition to the five original Nordic participants.



Human rights research is not in itself an academic discipline, but a field or terrain of research where different disciplines apply their own research questions, approaches and methodologies. The choice of methodological challenges as the Network research topic for 2012-2015 recognises the need for a more rigorous and coherent focus on methodological issues in human rights research.

The Network aims to increase the efficiency and excellence of Nordic human rights research. Towards this end, the Network partners strive to enhance and strengthen the already existing Nordic cooperation in the field of human rights researcher training.

The Network offers joint research courses for doctoral candidates; mobility scholarships for research visits and participation in courses and seminars are also available. Furthermore, the aim is to stimulate collaboration between individual researchers and the partner institutes and centres, particularly in fields where the Nordic human rights community have acknowledged expertise.



Since January 2002, the Institute for Human Rights at Åbo Akademi University has been coordinating a NordForsk-funded Nordic Network in Human Rights Research. Due to intensive cooperation between the partners of the network and by NordForsk’s approval, the network was transformed into a Nordic School in Human Rights Research in 2004. The long history of Nordic and Baltic cooperation has provided an even stronger basis for continued cooperation, and the Nordic School in Human Rights Research now continues from 2012-2015 within the framework of a revised network.





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Kjetil Mujezinovic Larsen, Professor

Christian Boe Astrup, Research Advisor



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