Mobility Scholarships

Mobility scholarships provide young scholars with an opportunity to pursue their research and enrich their education in a new research environment. Through visits to other institutions, the scholarship recipients gain access to specialised knowledge and experience as well as courses not available at their home institution.

At the train station. Photo: Jenny Graver

The Network offers mobility scholarships for researchers who wish to participate in courses, workshops and seminars relevant for human rights research within the framework of the partner institutions. We also encourage researchers to make use of the scholarships for shorter research visits to the partner institutions.

If appropriate, we may also grant mobility scholarships for highly relevant research activities outside of the Network partners.
Applications are considered on a continuous basis depending on available funds.

Who can apply?

Mobility scholarships are offered to doctoral candidates and young researchers within five years of their PhD. In order to be eligible for a scholarship, applicants must be associated with one of the partner institutions or another institution in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

What can you apply for?

The scholarships usually cover travel and lodging expenses. Travel and accommodation costs shall be kept at a minimum and special offers used where applicable.
If the applicant has none or low income from his or her home institution he or she may apply for additional funding for living expenses. The applicant should in that case attach to the application an estimated budget including a declaration of income.
In addition, funding can be sought for course fees. The requested amount should be mentioned separately on the application form.
Mobility scholarship application form: [pdf] [word]
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