Essay competition on human rights for master students

Celebrating its 30 years, the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights invites master students currently enrolled at a university in Norway to participate in an essay competition. 


How can youth respond to new threats against human rights? The NCHR calls for a youth perspective on the current undermining of human rights advocacy and institutions. Photo: University of Oslo. 

More than 70 years of hard work is currently under threat as governments worldwide are increasingly breaking with international law and deliberately undermining institutions meant to protect people’s rights.

Addressing what might be a shift of sentiment

This creeping trend to weaken the international human rights system can be exemplified through states prioritizing short-term national interest and the emergence of what some claim to be the beginning of a 'post-factual' society where truth has become relative.

The essay topic

With this as the backdrop, NCHR welcomes master students currently enrolled at a Norwegian university to submit an essay titled 'Youth for human rights – rising to the challenge of new threats against rights advocacy and institutions'. 


  • 10.000 NOK. 
  • Eligibility to be published through the Nordic Journal of Human Rights
  • Opportunity to present a paper during an event in Oslo on 3 April in connection with the anniversary celebrations (optional). 


Submissions written in English of no more than 3.000 words should be sent via email by 15 February 2017.


Contributions will be evaluated by a jury consisting of

  • NCHR Director Inga Bostad
  • Professor Bård Anders Andreassen
  • Master student Maren Grytting

The Jury's decision is final. 

Any questions regarding this competition should be directed via email to Bård Anders Andreassen.

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