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Picture of the presenters at the colloquium, standing in front of a bookshelf.
Publisert 27. sep. 2017 13:32

On the 21st of September, PluriCourts, with generous funding from the Norwegian Research Council and Lovsamlingsfondet, brought together young researchers from around the world for the first postgraduate colloquium on the frontiers of international environmental law. Topics from the creation of a court for the environment, to prosecuting the crime of ecocide at the ICC, to the legal consequences of space debris were discussed.

Publisert 25. sep. 2017 11:46

Research assistant, Ester Strømmen, discussed her research on female foreign fighters on Radio Nova, Oslo University's student radio station.

Publisert 22. sep. 2017 09:44

Ester Strømmen, Inger Skjelsbæk and Åsne Seierstad discuss the role of women in wars and armed conflicts in an interview for Kjønnsavdelingen.

Publisert 13. sep. 2017 15:26

This workshop will bring together scholars of philosophy, political theory and legal theory who study one or more regional and international courts and tribunals (ICs).

Publisert 12. sep. 2017 14:43

Kjersti Lohne, Postdoctoral Fellow, shares her view on the detention of 9/11 suspects at Guantanamo Bay detention facility.

Publisert 11. sep. 2017 11:50

ICL lunch with Dr. Fidelma Donlon, Registrar at the Kosovo Specialist Chambers.

Publisert 5. sep. 2017 07:58

PluriCourts seminar with Fulbright scholar Jacqueline McAllister.

Publisert 29. aug. 2017 13:18

Research assistant at PluriCourts, Ester Strømmen, discussed her work on 'Jihadi Brides' on Norwegian National Radio - NRK P2 - Verdibørsen.

Publisert 22. aug. 2017 00:00

PluriCourts is happy to welcome Jacqueline McAllister, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Kenyon College, as a Fulbright fellow for the academic year 2017/18. McAllister will join the international criminal law team.

Publisert 18. aug. 2017 10:43

International Criminal Law lunch with Professor Jeremy Sarkin (University of South Africa, Pretoria, and NOVA University Lisbon, Portugal) on the planned international criminal law Chamber at the African Court of Justice and Human Rights.

Publisert 4. aug. 2017 10:36

Article by Postdoctoral Fellow Juan Pablo Pérez León Acevedo in the International Criminal Law Review Vol. 17(3).

Publisert 31. juli 2017 11:20

Special Issue of the International Criminal Law Review (Volume 17), edited by Postdoctoral Fellow Joanna Nicholson.

Access the special issue.

Publisert 24. juli 2017 11:58

Special Issue of the American University International Law Review (Vol. 32, Issue 3) edited by Susana SáCouto.

The special issue is the result of a Conference co-organized by PluriCourts, American Bar Association (ABA) Rule of Law Initiative, the American Society of International Law, and the American Red Cross.

Access the special issue.

Publisert 27. juni 2017 10:48

ICL lunch with Tanja E.A. Czelusniak presenting whether forced marriage is a separate crime against humanity.

The sign outside the International Criminal Court
Publisert 29. mai 2017 08:22

In April more than 30 people were killed by a chemical weapon attack in Syria. Despite clear evidence that serious international crimes have been committed, and despite numerous calls to hold those responsible to account, the international criminal justice system seems, at present at least, to be impotent.

Publisert 19. mai 2017 09:53

The International Criminal Law group at PluriCourts regularly provides updates on news, blog posts and issues related to international criminal tribunals. Here are the updates from week 20, 2017.

Publisert 12. mai 2017 09:45

The International Criminal Law group at PluriCourts regularly provides updates on news, blog posts and issues related to international criminal tribunals. Here are the updates from week 19, 2017.

Publisert 5. mai 2017 11:26

Cambridge Academic Books has interviewed Professor Bailliet about the recently published book "The Legitimacy of International Criminal Tribunals."

Picture of Cecilie Hellestveit's book on the war in Syria titled 'Syria: En stor krig i en liten verden' translated in english to 'Syria: A big war in a small world', Pax publishing, 2017. 
Publisert 2. mai 2017 13:19

ICL Lunch with Cecilie Hellestveit. 

Publisert 2. mai 2017 09:44

Policy brief by research assistant Ester Strømmen on how gendered understandings are effecting judicial processes.

Publisert 25. apr. 2017 14:47

Below is information on official sources and research data on the International Criminal Court, the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, International Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia and Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals. A lot of the research datasets on these courts include data on several of the tribunals.

Publisert 29. mars 2017 09:47

ICL Lunch with visting researcher Ken Gallant, presenting a working paper for presentation at the University of Utrecht in order to receive comments and feedback.