Sustainable Business

Sustainable Business includes company law and corporate governance, including governance of different kinds of business undertakings, groups and global value chains (which connects directly to the theme of Sustainable Circular Economy) and the emerging development of due diligence rules and practices as envisaged for instance in the EU Sustainable Corporate Governance Initiative. The theme is also strongly connected with the theme of Sustainable Finance.

Sustainable Business also encompasses the emerging concept of risks of unsustainability and its significance for national, transnational and international risk management, accounting, reporting and auditing law, standards and practices as a connecting point with the theme of Sustainable Finance.

Sustainable Business includes not only traditional business forms such as companies and cooperatives and partnerships, cooperatives and foundations but also their groups and value chains. Included are also Indigenous businesses and new and merging areas of business, such as a sustainable distributed ledger and other technologies and emerging fields of business, including the outer space sector. The research encompasses the full range of sizes of businesses from the multinational business enterprises to the small- and medium sized businesses, and all kind of control arrangements from sole entrepreneurs to small businesses, state-controlled enterprises and multinational firms with institutional investors.

Sustainable Business builds on and develops further the ground-breaking research conducted in the projects Sustainable Companies (2010-14) and SMART (2016-20). The work is continued notably in the SMART legacy project Futuring Nordics.

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Published Aug. 19, 2022 11:45 AM - Last modified Sep. 1, 2022 3:02 PM