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About admission to the PhD programme

The requirements for admission to the PhD programme are the same irrespective of whether you are employed by UiO as a doctoral research fellow or not.

Requirements for admission

To be admitted to the PhD programmes at the University of Oslo, an applicant must have completed at least five years of higher education, i.e. a master's programme.

To be admitted to the PhD programme at the Faculty of Law, a Master’s degree in legal science, including criminology and sociology of law, or an equivalent university or university college education is required. Admission requires the candidate to have excellent grades. Normally, the majority of the grades earned at the basic level should place the candidate in the top 10- 15 % of their class. The master’s thesis should also be in the top segment. Education taken abroad must be documented. See also the description of admission routines.

Applicants with education from abroad

Applicants who have their education from abroad must submit the following documentation to permit the Faculty to assess whether it fulfils the requirements for admission:

  • Certificate/diploma and a description of how the education is structured
  • Transcripts that show the candidate’s grades and an overview of the grading system at the place of study
  • Certificates/diplomas and transcripts must be submitted in the original language, and all documentation must have been translated to Norwegian or English by a state authorized translator.
  • Copies of certificates/diplomas must be verified.

Project description

The project description must be a part of your application irrespective of whether you apply for a PhD position or apply for admission without employment. The assessment of your application places major emphasis on the project description. Please see the template for writing a project description



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