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Room DM119
Available hours Tuesday 10-12 or as agreed (send me an email)
Visiting address Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law Domus Media
Postal address Scandinanvian Institute of Maritime Law Postboks 6706 St. Olavs plass 0130 OSLO

Academic Interests

EU/EEA Law - International Law  - Law of the Sea - Administrative Law - Comparative Law



Law of the Sea

EEA law

Administrative Law

Public International Law





Tags: Law of the sea, International Law, Space law, EEA and EU Law, Comparative Law


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  • Pozdnakova, Alla (2013). Criminal Jurisdiction over Perpetrators of Ship-Source Pollution: International Law, State Practice and EU Harmonization. Brill Nijhoff.  ISBN 978-90-04-20999-2.  346 s.
  • Pozdnakova, Alla (2008). Liner Shipping and EU Competition Law. Kluwer Law International.  ISBN 978-90-411-2717-4.  492 s.

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  • Pozdnakova, Alla (2018, 03. august). Etterlyser norsk reaksjon.  Dag og Tid. Show summary
  • Pozdnakova, Alla (2018). European Economic Area and Norway model considered (oral evidence)/EU Exiting Committee, House of Commons.
  • Pozdnakova, Alla (2018, 17. august). Har ikke skjønt alvoret.  Dagens Næringsliv. Show summary
  • Pozdnakova, Alla (2017). Abuse of dominance – sectoral examples (maritime port sector).
  • Pozdnakova, Alla (2017). EEA – Norwegian experience of association with EU.
  • Pozdnakova, Alla (2017). Interview with Professor William E. Butler. Show summary
  • Pozdnakova, Alla (2017). Langvarig tilbakeholdelse av skip i fremmede havn - internasjonale rettsmidler.
  • Pozdnakova, Alla (2017). Mutual dis-trust and other hinders for the effective private enforcement in EU antitrust cases.
  • Pozdnakova, Alla (2017). Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage: Flag State Rights and Responsibilities.
  • Pozdnakova, Alla (2016). Filtering, blocking and take-down of illegal content on the Internet (Country report -Latvia).
  • Pozdnakova, Alla (2016, 21. september). Havets skattepionerer - skipsredere og lånte flagg. [Radio].
  • Pozdnakova, Alla (2016). Martin Hennig: Frihandel med helseskadelige rus- og næringsmidler – EU- og EØS-rettens rammer for nasjonalt vern av folkehelsen. Tidsskrift for rettsvitenskap.  ISSN 0040-7143.  02(03), s 324- 329
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  • Pozdnakova, Alla (2009). Legal issues surrounding risk prevention illustrated by maritime sector. Show summary
  • Pozdnakova, Alla (2008). Cooperation of liner carriers under EC Competition law - wtih focus on information exchanges.
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  • Pozdnakova, Alla (2007). Sravnitelno-pravovoj analiz na primere Norvegii (Comparative Legal Research: a Norwegian approach).

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