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Phone +47 228 59643
Mobile phone +47 417 75 813
Room DM119
Available hours by appointment (please call or send an email)
Visiting address Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law Domus Media
Postal address Scandinanvian Institute of Maritime Law Postboks 6706 St. Olavs plass 0130 OSLO

Academic Interests

International Law

Law of the Sea

Space law



Research in progress

My research in 2021 is mostly focused on the completion of the book project Environmental Rule of Law for Oceans: Designing Legal Solutions, together with Dr.Froukje Maria Platjouw (UiO/NIVA). The book is planned for publishing by Cambridge University Press in 2022. The book consists of several chapters written by international legal scholars, most of whom contributed to the Conference on the Rule of Law for Oceans held at the Law Faculty of the University of Oslo in 2019. My own chapter addresses Marine Pollution by Spaceflight Activities, an issue largely overlooked by space law and law of the sea alike. 

My other research in 2021 involves the work on the New Norwegian Law on the outer space activities; and the legal regime governing the Arctic Ocean. 


Administrative Law JUS2211

EU/EEA law JUS2211

A Changing Arctic


Other assignments

Oslo Law Review, Co-editor

Norwegian Society of International Law, Member of the Board

Expert Committee for Space law (Norway), member (2019)

Nothern Areas Committee (University of Oslo), member

Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law, Member of the Board







Tags: Law of the sea, International Law, Space law, Arctic, EEA and EU Law, comparative law, competition law
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