Elon Musk and the Law of the Sea

Welcome to this seminar focusing on Elon Musk, the Law of the Sea and the development of outer space. 

portrait of Michael Byers. Photo.

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About the seminar

Is Elon Musk a pirate, a privateer, or simply the outer space equivalent of a global shipping magnate? For an international lawyer, the oceans and outer space are powerful analogues. Both are "areas beyond national jurisdiction" and, unlike the Antarctic, both are extensively militarized and commercialized. Moreover, while we used to think that the oceans and outer space were "too big" to suffer from overuse and environmental degradation, the oceans plastics crisis and the space debris crisis are proving this assumption wrong. The CEO of SpaceX attracts a lot of attention, sometimes for the wrong reasons, but his rush to develop outer space deserves the attention of all international lawyers.

The Seminar will be moderated by Cecilia Marcela Bailliet - Department of Public and International Law (uio.no)

About the Speaker

Michael Byers holds the Canada Research Chair in Global Politics and International Law at the University of British Columbia. He co-directs the Outer Space Institute, a global network of space experts united by their commitment to transdisciplinary research that addresses grand challenges in the use and exploration of space. Professor Byers is the author of Custom, Power, and the Power of Rules (1999), Who Owns the Arctic? (2010), and along with astrophysicist Aaron Boley, Who Owns Outer Space? (soon to be published by Cambridge University Press).

About the seminar series

The seminar is part of a seminar series on "Delimitation agreements, Sovereignty, and Jurisdiction Claims: Current Trends, Recent Cases and Future Perspectives".
You can read more about the seminar series here: Seminar series on delimitation agreements and sovereignty claims - The Faculty of Law (uio.no)

Tags: Elon Musk, Law of the Sea, International Law, Space Law
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