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The Research Group in Natural Resources Law

The group's activities are multidisciplinary and comprise research on natural resources, energy, environment and property.

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About the group

The Research Group in Natural Resources Law of the Faculty of law, University of Oslo is one of severn research groups at the faculty. It comprises professors, associate professors, PhD students and research assistants working in the interrelated fields of property law, national and international environmental law, energy and climate law, indigenous peoples’ right to natural resources, and law-and-economics for nature management and the environment. It also works with issues of legal history and philosophy of law as they relate to management of natural resources and environmental protection.

Until 1 April 2012 the group was chaired by professor of Environmental aw Hans Christian Bugge. From 1 April 2012 it is chaired by professor Kirsti Strøm Bull. From 1 August 2015 the group is chaired by professor Endre Stavang.


The objective of the Group is to develop new research and research methods concerning management of natural resources and the environment, across traditional legal disciplines. Its general and strategic approach is to study natural resources and environmental law in the context of “relationships”:

  • the relationship between private law issues and public law regulation,
  • the relationship between environmental law and economic law or "sector law",
  • the relationship between national and international law.

The group runs several research projects, mostly funded by the Research Council of Norway.


Programmes of study and courses

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Professor Endre Stavang is the leader of the Research Group in Natural Resources Lawthis research group

Associate Professor Catherine Banet is deputy leader and contact person for this research group

Host institute: The Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law

Bente Lindberg Kraabøl, Adviser
Camilla Arnøy, Web Editor

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