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International Department


The Norwegian Centre for Human Rights (NCHR) has 30 years of experience promoting human rights through competence building, knowledge enhancement and dialogue. The NCHR International Department promotes human rights internationally through six thematic areas of commitment:

Human Rights Education

Improving access to human rights knowledge by offering courses and tuition in human rights, and contributing to research.

Rule of Law


Supporting military and police cooperation and judicial training to increase protection against abuse of power and torture.

Freedom of Religion or Belief

The NCHR, through the Oslo Coalition, promotes freedom of religion and belief, through competence building, dialogue and cooperation.

Business and Human Rights

Strengthening rights and management of local resources in areas prone to conflicts over land between companies and local populations.


Equality and Non-discrimination

Promoting knowledge about equality and non-discrimination principles with a particular focus on the rights of women and vulnerable groups.

Human Rights Mechanisms

Supporting initiatives enabling our academic partners to engage in regional and multilateral processes promoting human rights.

These thematic areas of commitment represents a continuation of the international programme work that has been conducted by the NCHR for close to 30 years. Read more about our activities in 2018 (pdf). We aim at integrating a gender sensitive approach across the six thematic areas.

Supporting organisations and partners

The NCHR International Department has an extended network of cooperating partners in Southeast Asia and East Asia, including academic institutions, UN organs and civil society organisations. Activities at the International Department are supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Director of the International Department: Kathrine Raadim
Human Rights Education: Yi Wang
Rule of Law and/or Indonesia: Knut D. Asplund
Freedom of Religion or Belief: Lena Larsen
Business and Human Rights: Aksel A. Tømte
Equality and non-discrimination: Elisabeth Perioli Bjørnstøl
Human Rights Mechanisms and/or China: Cecilie F. Bakke
Universal Protocol/UNPOL Cooperation: Gisle Kvanvig
UNPOL and UNODC Cooperation: Susanne H. Flølo


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