Human Rights and Sustainable Development: Law and Policy Research

The research area Human Rights and Development is a formal platform upon which Oslo-based researchers in this field can interact with each other. The research area was formed in June 2005.

Presentation of the research area

The area aspires to create an academic environment in which human rights-based approaches to development can be empirically tested and conceptually refined.  The persons involved are affiliated with a variety of universities and institutions from a diversity of approaches and perspectives. By bringing together these individuals, each member can benefit from suggestions, constructive criticism, debate, and inspiration. The goal is to achieve a collectively-inspired output that is greater than the sum of the individual parts. To attain these goals, the persons involved meets regularly to discuss substantive topics of interest.

The responsible institution for the Research Area on Human Rights and Development is the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights.


Visit the research group's home page for more information.



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