Dan Uehara

Bilde av Dan Uehara
Rom DJ 3106
Besøksadresse Kristian Augusts gate 17 Domus Juridica 3. etg. 0164 Oslo
Postadresse Postboks 6706 St. Olavs plass 0130 Oslo
Andre tilknytninger Det juridiske fakultet (Student) Fakultetssekretariat

Academic interests

Dan Uehara's PhD project is Evaluating the Validity and Reliability of Experienced-based Assessments of Law Students. The aim of the project is to understand how to assess experienced-based learning activities and to investigate their impact on legal  students' learning. The research questions posed by this project are: what is the impact of experience-based learning on students' learning outcomes and what are the most reliable and valid forms of assessing students learning during and after experience-based learning activities. A mixed-method research design will be used to answer the research questions.

This project is part of the Skills Ladder project at the Centre of Experiential Legal Learning (CELL). The project is also in collaboration with the Department of Education including HEDWORK, CEMO and HuLAR. 

His primary research interests include educational measurement and survey analytics utilising quantitative methods (e.g. item response theory, structural equation modelling, regression analysis) and learning analytics (e.g. statistical analysis, natural language processing, network analysis). He also has other research interests including mixed method research, small sample analytical methods and high stake assessments. 


Uehara has a Master's degree in Educational Measurement from the University of Oslo from 2020. The thesis was on the Classification Accuracy of Equated Item Response Theory (IRT) Scores and Sum Scores. Before this he completed a Bachelor of Science with Honours from Monash University.

Between his Master's and PhD, he has worked as a research assistant at the Department of Education, HULAR and CELL specifically as a statistician and data scientist.


Emneord: Legal education, experiential learning, evaluations, assessments

Utvalgte publikasjoner

Damşa, C., Langford, M., Uehara, D., & Scherer, R. (2021). Teachers’ agency and online education in times of crisis. Computers in Human Behavior121, 106793.

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