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Labour Law and Working Life

The Research Group in Labour Law and Working Life is the Faculty of Law’s forum for research on Labour Law. Host institute is the Department of Private Law. At present, the research group has about twenty researchers as members from universities and university colleges in Norway.


One of the most important tasks for the group is to promote research and education in labour law. The activities in the Research Group focus on conducting and facilitating research within labour law. Furthermore, the task for the group is to ensure that academic skills on a high level will be maintained. This is important to satisfy the professional and societal needs of knowledge and competence in labour law and the legislation and institutions on industrial relations.

Additionally, the Research Group organises a national network for teachers in labour law, the National Network for Labour law Teaching. The purpose with this network is to exchange information and experiences in teaching-related matters.

The academic responsibility for labour law is placed within the Labour Law Group at the Department of Private Law. Two courses in labour law are taught in the Norwegian language at both bachelor and master level: Labour law – the individual part (employment law), and Labour law – the collective part. One master course is taught in the English language: European Labour Law. Part and parcel of the responsibility for the education is the supervision of students researching and writing their master degree thesis.

For further information, see the Norwegian web pages.

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Research Group ledership

Associate Professor Marianne Jenum Hotvedt (head of the group)

Professor Bernard Johann Mulder (deputy head of the group)


Administrative Manager Ørnulf Kristiansen

Hosting department

Department of Private Law

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